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Blue balancing suggestions


I thought it was hilarious Frozen, no sweat. I was being a little bit facetious and Metalize responded perfectly in kind.

Also I would consider Guardian to be a worse card, although giving it haste wouldn’t really achieve anything I know


GatG at least serves Law’s “stall and win at tech 3” primary game plan in a fair number of matchups. Constable I have literally never seen teched to any reasonable use. It’s gotta be the worst tech 2 in game


Hmm, you make a good point. Also the flavour you described was what I was thinking of. He’s like a first responder, straight on the scene to arrest people.


Being able to disable more than one unit per turn with some cost/restriction would be another option, I can’t imagine the Dominion being a fan of public gatherings.


I just had a truly spaghetti idea but what if Arresting Constable were able to arrest a number of units equal to the number of opposing heroes? Actually, scratch that. I don’t think that would work the way I would want it to, unfortunately.

It could be cool if it had some sort of contextual effect if Jail were in play under the same player’s control. Like maybe if Jail and the Arresting Constable are in play together, any unit that arrives from the Jail is exhausted?


I like that last part exhausting units that arrive from jail. It’s an easy enough change. I also would like " jail is free to play"


Yeah I love the idea of there being synergy between the two


Oh wow I love this