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Blue balancing suggestions


As a side note speculation, how ridiculous would injunction be if it could affect tech 0 units/tokens…


Hey @Nekoatl, want to play black and blue with the deteriorate change (in addition to @zhavier and @Bomber678) to compound the data gathering? 10 game series, 5 each as p1/p2, my modified deteriorate black against your blue?


I think it would jump from a niche-ish “big swing on a good read, barely stalls in a usually useless way otherwise” to being a frequently teched tempo play for blue, and perhaps overshadow some of Judgment Day’s usage for beating token spam


Yeah, I’ve been thinking of testing the matchup with a rules change to “weakest” so that HP is compared after attack but before the active player gets to choose to break the tie, but a $1 Deteriorate sounds worth a try. I’d prefer to wait until after the tournament is finished, though, as I don’t want to overstretch myself.


I’m game to take that up after we’re both knocked out


Can you also try out all the other Blue changes we have so far? Just smack them all together and see how things feel and what seems meaningless or superfluous.

Blue changes to test

Lawful Search also forces opponent to lose 1g;

Spectral Tiger has Resist 1;
Mind Control costs 3g instead of 5g;

D. Alpha costs 4g and his ability affects all attackers while he is in SQL;
Air Hammer is 4/3, loses his ability (Essentially an Eggship);

Tax Collector is 3/3;
Jurisdiction 2g, but lets you look at opponent’s hand or discard before picking a spell from Codex;
Community Service 4g;
Arresting Constable 2g;
Guardian of the Gates now has 2 attack, his ability affects Heroes as well as units;
Justice Juggernaut costs 5g;


I don’t remember seeing that one before. I won’t claim it’s good or bad, but I’m surprised I don’t remember it… Though I’m sure I just overlooked it among the many other changes suggested.


That change would actually discourage me from using them, as they would no longer be able to one-shot tech buildings (without being buffed, of course).


Air Hammer is not able to one-shot Tech buildings :joy:

His ability reads:

+2 ATK when attacking damaged buildings.

Yes, I made the very same mistake and believed he kills tech buildings by himself for almost two years :sob:

It’s a very recent addition. After I actually read the card text.
I guess you can “test” him as if his ability always works when he attacks buildings. But wait, you were doing that all that time and still never teched him :joy:


Oh no, I at least did know that it only applied to damaged buildings. I guess the intended play with it is to have Traffic Director ping all the buildings and then go in with Air Hammer(s), but unfortunately Peace already has a more effective way to Just Kill Them with Garrisons & Sergeants (since even if you wanted to use Air Hammer it would be better to juice it up with runes).


Touche. It’s been a while since I looked at him, as my preferred Peace game plan is to simply bulldoze through my opponent’s patrollers, rather than trying to bypass them. If my units die in the process, so much the better, as that means they can be replayed for more bonuses.