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[BALANCE TESTING] FrozenStorm (Black + Vandy Ban) vs NekoAtl (Blue)

I expect no official update to the game to happen, but I wouldn’t mind having an unofficial balance patch for PbF (where our admittedly small community plays the game happily on the regular). Therefore, I am still interested in trying games out. This thread was always more about my own curiosity for me than it was about trying to bring evidence in favor of changes to any official channels.

That said, @Nekoatl, you are playing the way less fun side of this testing and I do not at all mind hanging it up if you’re starting to feel burnt out.


I’m not really feeling burned out, but for the moment I am feeling kinda worn out, so I’ll rest a bit before posting my next turn. Mainly I just wanted to confirm that there was value in continuing before we invested more time.


Take your time, no rush on this at all :slight_smile:


I was reading my old spelman reviews, and I had given Death and Decay an “F”

Looking at these games, it seemed like a “win more” spell where each time Black could have cleared Blue’s board and broken one key building even if D&D was a blank, leaving just a slim chance of recovery (instead of zero with D&D).

What were your impressions of that? Would a simple Sickness of arbitrary Tech 2 unit have been sufficient to lock things up, or was D&D really needed?

I’d have to look closer but it felt pretty necessary to me. Without it I always felt like I’d be having to trade away my critical board pieces to do anything, and that I would simply run out of steam on the next turn. But maybe I’m just not creative enough to see alternative lines that would’ve netted similar results.

If you had a 3rd hero to spend that 8 gold on after trading, it would be easier to see the eventual victory (without it, it looks like you might actually run out of things to spend gold on)

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