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Zane's 8 and 10 value throws misprinted (physical copy)

I posted over on Boardgamegeek, but I want to notify folks here as well.

My deck has Zane’s 8 and 10 throws without a knockdown icon, yet the text states they knock down. I think this is a misprint, as it seems the summary card states an either/or for whether or not that particular character’s throws cause a knockdown.

Any other printing errors I should be aware of? I own the 2nd edition full set. Thanks.

I don’t own the physical set, so I am not sure exactly what you mean when you say that “the text” says that those throws should knock down. None of Zane’s throws are supposed to knock down. He is only supposed to get knockdown off of his Jack and King attacks.


There are a bunch. Don’t sweat it too much, as usually the inconsistencies are easy to spot.
The card symbols are always right, even if the text isn’t.

Right, I’m a new player, so I didn’t know what Zane is “supposed” to do, but the text explaining what the card does says it knocks down if ends with that throw. That’s why I suspected it was a misprint.

Yes, I realize the text is there for teaching purposes, and most experienced players probably don’t use it anyway. But, as I said, I’m a new player, and I’m often teaching other newbies, so I rely on the text to remind them of what they can/cannot do. I am NOT referring to the online game in any form, as I have no experience with that.


Ugh, really? That’s frustrating. I’d really hate to take a Sharpie marker to my cards, but I guess I will if it makes teaching the game easier.

Oh, if you’re worried about teaching I can be more specific:

Most errors are on the refrerence cards. Few are on the cards themselves. And only the reminder text is erroneous, all symbols (the things that matter) are correct.


Thanks, Bomber.

Well, that’s a relief, I guess. I still think I’m going to mark out that erroneous text. And any other errors I find, I’ll do the same.

Does your summary card look like the one on the Yomi Card Gallery? Looking at that one, I don’t see any indication that 8 or 10 should KD.

Yes, my summary card is the one pictured there. My 8s and 10s are also the same as those pictured (If you look closely, you will see they say to knockdown). I understand it is a misprint on the text of the card, but you cannot base it on the summary card. Especially when Bomber just mentioned how those are erroneous as well.

Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. I hadn’t read the help text on the 8 and 10 closely enough.

I’m pretty sure it lists Zane’s 2 as block, dodge and attack, which is pretty humorous.

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Ha! You’re right, it most certainly does. Looks like it is an Attack and Block, but NOT Dodge.

And now that I know how to embed images here, here is the 8 throw (the 10 says the same, but the 5,7 and 9s are correct):

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This was all exactly as designed, for anarchy purposes :laughing:


The pictures of Zane on his ten have him blocking instead of dodging, I think. Or maybe his five.