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[Yomi] Tournaments ideas sharing

We had already some great TOs and recently @vengefulpickle is doing a lot of work to keep our weeks filled with yomi matches, reviving some old good format, creating new ones and so on.

The goal of this topic is to have a single place where people can share their drafts/ideas for tournaments.

And for people like me, who like a lot play yomi, maybe got some ideas, but don’t have enough knowledge (and patience) to host tournaments, check ideas pros-cons and analyse effective feasibility :blush:

Maybe it was already done in the past (I don’t know) and maybe it can be useless, but it worth a try.

What would you think about it?

Hereafter direct links to some starting ideas inside this topic





(@CarpeGuitarrem 's tip)



my 1st two cents

full cast
mid timer
1st game double blind
loser must stay but he choose his opponent’s char


How about the MU tournament? The one where unfavorable MUs score more points than favorable. I don’t remember what it’s called.


I had that in my poll (it was called Lum’s Long Odds). It didn’t get a lot of love over there.

I like the idea, but it seemed like it a) promoted some odd behavior around forcing your opponent into good (for them) matchups to limit their point options, and b) it was a bit more of a process to manage, because it was a swiss format… That said, I like the idea, so I’d be up for trying to revamp it to address some of those flaws.


Cool! I think it sounds more interesting than most of the other formats. I think it’s because you can choose any character but you benefit from intentionally choosing weak characters. The “people tended to opt into bad MUs to limit the opponents’ point gain” is the most interesting part to me. Also that means the tier list is basically backwards, which is fun

The problem was more around counterpicking… In particular, because the losing player got to change, but the winning player had to stick, some folks (I think @Leontes ran into this) were winning their sets, but getting very few points for them because their opponents were picking into bad matchups, and it was a pretty bad feel to win all your games but be out of running for the tournament because you couldn’t rack up points.

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Huh… that could be a problem. I guess give the winner CP? Maybe?

That was @Leontes’s explanation of the (possible) problem (although I would note that he went on to win the tournament).

@Niijima-san also suggested just doing less rounding of the MU numbers (to prevent issues with ties). Lastly, I now have better data about the theoretical MU numbers, so there’s the question of whether we should just use the historical data, or the data-scienced matchup values.

I would think use the scienced MU data, but whatever you think Is best. As for the meta-gamey aspect, I don’t know what to do or if that’s even really a problem.

Time for another idea.


full cast
Mid timer
Conquest format
4 chars team:

  • One stable and declared at tourney sign up
  • One choosen at the beginning of each set
  • One picked by opponent
  • One random

Match set up
Both player declare their 2nd stable for the set (higher tier player first)
Lower tier player choose opponent’s last char, then higher tier do the same.
Each round is double blind (random choice could be checked in chat window)


I know it’s been done before, but how would people feel about a draft style format, with picks and bans?

No please no.

I like the idea proposed in another thread of a points-based stable. There were some wrinkles in that to work out, though, IIRC.

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I always find stable rules and similar formats to be really confusing. I would much rather have a set character lineup for the whole tournament. Even some of the crazy formats like LLL and 19XX keep that consistent.

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I think most of the stable rules are predicated on picking a set of 3-4 characters at the beginning of the tournament, and then sticking to that all the way through. @MR75’s LETHAL MIX above seems to be more of an exception.

More of a tournament format than a character selection related, but I thought we could maybe crib the narrowing-swiss format from the Codex side of the house (it’s a swiss tournament, but you’re removed from the rotation after 3 losses).

Also, I think a Fantasy Strike style stable tournament (that is, randomized selection among the characters you haven’t won with yet) could be interesting (although I’ve already math-ed out enough to know it doesn’t completely eliminate the advantage of high-tier characters).


I was more referring to stuff like Pick Your Poison and the like. I don’t know what that type of format is called.

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As for having a preselected list, I basically do that anyway and think that a one character only tournament could be interesting.

@snoc has you covered there with the Single Character Showdown series (when is SCS coming back, @snoc?)


Cool. Thanks VengefulPickle

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And what about

This takes inspiration from Chizuru (KOF98) ULT (also named seal strike): if it hit, opponent cannot perform specials and supers for some time.
This variant denies only supers for whole game

  • Full cast
  • Mid Timer
  • Bo7, standard CP
  • No As allowed: you cannot play As as your combat card neither combo into, but you can still use them for powerup, pump, FD, Lum’s PF and discard)