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[Yomi Tournament] IYL 5 - Starting June 4! - Signups close Friday 6/2

I’m in PDT, and I can typically play at 6:30-8:30 PM on weekdays. Weekends are more flexible.

Ok, so a couple of changes to fit in the newcomers:

@Fivec -> Flagstone
@mallorean_thug -> Pandaland
@Caralad -> Dreadlands (I removed you on Challonge and added you to Dreadlands, but feel free to sign up again with your Challonge account in Dreadlands and I’ll delete the duplicate)
@scymrian -> Morningstar


I will always welcome the opportunity to face MD and Snoc in glorious card combat


Grayson Sisters must be represented!

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I am in! (If it’s not too late)
(PST evenings)


My sister, who attended her second tournament today, here at FSX, and made grand finals(check the stream for a hype set Vs Thelo), now has an interest in entering this IYL.

Edit: she is in the same time zone as me. She would prefer to play early afternoonish.


proud brother pose


Nice! I’ll add her in as Tamra (but get her to sign up for the forums, please).

Nope, not too late. You’re in!

@Pwntology (2:00-6:00 UTC) -> Pandaland
Tamra (@Shax) (20:00-23:00 UTC) -> Dreadlands (assuming you two can be in same group. If not, I’ll probably put her into Morningstar, but that would push her time requests a bit more.

Can do! :kissing_closed_eyes:

With IYL5 inching ever closer to its official start, I wanted to give a friendly reminder that this thread for promoting tournament matches exists! Please post there if you’d like to let people know when you are fighting it out so that they may spectate!

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Have your sisters signed up on these forums yet? If so, what are their usernames?

Hey, is there space for @Thelo? He didn’t know there was an IYL5 and wants to play :frowning:

For you and @Thelo, I think I can probably extend the deadline. :smile:

But seriously, what more did I need to do to announce it, walk into the Sirlin Games office with a megaphone? :grinning:

I’ll leave it up to him which of Morningstar or Flagstone works better for him, timewise.


No, but she will probably call herself Flooffiness when she signs up.

@Thelo, I’m getting things set up so that we can start sending out scheduling messages, so I’m going to go ahead and put you into Flagstone, since it has a wider variety of schedules available.

But then I can’t call you floofles anymore :frowning:

I mean, you could. They’d be twins!

We are twins.