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Yomi on Steam

Don’t want to clog up the board, but I am curious if anyone plays on steam outside of organized tournaments like @mysticjuicer posts on youtube. I love the game but it can take an absurd amount of time to find a match sometimes.

Quickmatch is not incredibly active, which is kind of a self-perpetuating issue (not a lot of people in QM means less people looking to play in QM which means less people in QM, etc). It might be easier to find a match by creating a room, calling it something like “casuals” or “open room” and asking if people want to play in the client chat.

I believe @vengefulpickle was looking for some regular matches. Maybe you guys can coordinate and play some games.

My current plan, besides just hanging out in QM when I want to play some Yomi, is to hop on the SirlinGames Discord and announce that I’m hanging out in QM, in the hopes of enticing others to join in.


Quick match was never incredibly active, but since the forum move and community split it’s definitely been quite dead.

By community split, do you mean between Morningstar Sanctuary and here? Or are there additional fora that I’m missing?

That and the discord.
Consider the fantasy strike forums contained all the active players, from both steam and the website.
The forums “closed down”, the web yomi got “turned off” (both still exist for whatever reason but aren’t used) and a lot of people were angry/upset/banned and didn’t migrate to these forums.
So no free yomi, no community center, no more yomi.

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Makes sense (and is pretty unfortunate). I was confused myself, early on, about references to the web version (and surprised to find, later, that it was still playable if you had the right link). Is the SirlinGames official stance that folks shouldn’t be using the web-player? Or just that they aren’t supporting it anymore (due to Unity in the browser going away)?

It’s unclear. They said they’d be shutting it down because unity would no longer be supported, so everyone assumed it would get shut down. The link was changed and people stopped using it.

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It is difficult to get games outside of tournament play these days, but not impossible. I’m finding that 9pm to midnight (tz = GMT+1) is when I find opponents most often.

If you want to guarantee yourself some game time then just send me a message directly and we can arrange a specific time(s) to play some casuals. @vengefulpickle and anybody else looking for games should do the same too.


Do you have the link to the online version?

to play web version you should use a browser that sitll support unity web player
download and install firefox version ESR (extended support release)
then you have to install UnityWebPlayer
then (using firefox with unity installed) go to:

Here you can choose “play” and that’s all (you can try Yomi, Flash duel, Puzzle strike)

Hope it helps!