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Yomi Olympic Carnival 2018?

Next up in the series of “vengefulpickle resurrects the tournaments he wants to play in”, I’ve decided to run (or help run) the Yomi Olympic Carnival (assuming @CloudCuckooCountry doesn’t object strongly to me stealing his format). Timing wise, I was planning on having it start after LLO finishes in 3 weeks (and then I’ll be running IYL6 after that).

Anyone interested? Any suggestions on format changes from the original run?


For those that need (as I did) a refresher on the format rules.


  • Conquest Format (Players submit a team when they sign up or any time before the start date of the tournament. When a player wins with a character, they may not play the character again for the current set and must switch.)
  • Double-blind each round.
  • Double elimination.
  • Sets are first to 3.
  • Random seeds.
  • One round per week.
  • Players may publicly announce their teams in the signup thread or send their team privately to either myself or Parrexion and we will keep them on a secret document. Players who do not submit a team before the tournament start date will be smacked. And if they still do not submit a team, they automatically forfeit the tournament.[/quote]

I’m interested, for sure. I can’t think of any changes I’d make to the rules, tbh. I guess the only thing I could think of would be the Conquest variant that Sirlin discussed at the last FSX, but I don’t recall exactly how it worked, and I think it required the use of RNGs for character selection, which would probably be more of a pain to implement online than offline, so on second thought the format seems fine as-is. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was trying to decide if Ft4 would be better, but I think requiring 4 tournament level chars is a stretch.

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I don’t remember this exact thing, but I do remember that he mentioned a favoured format which sounds kind of similar. Every player has a publicly announced trio of characters, and then it’s just “standard CP” but with only those 3. I suspect this might inevitably lead to the 20XX Zane/Troq/DeGrey meta?

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The one he mentioned to me at FSX involved random character select, but that’s all I can remember about it. :stuck_out_tongue: There was some other factor like, either the winner or the loser of a given match within a set couldn’t select that same character again for the next match, or something. I don’t know. I was pretty jet lagged and also probably still sick, so I didn’t really retain much.

@Leontes can you talk to Sirlin and figure out the rules for this format?

Sounds great, definitely interested. But what is the purpose of random seeding?

I’ll probably Elo seed, since we have that info now.

I’d would be interested! It’s convenient timing that the 2018 Olympics will be happening in February.

My only opinion on the format is that we should keep the mild level of role-playing by having everyone choose a country to represent. :smile:


We did do that last time. I was glorious Mother Russia.

I would be willing to play.

i would love to play in this format again where do i sign!

Yomi in 2018?!?!



Count me in

More Yomi tournaments - yes, pls :slight_smile:

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Alrighty, the official tournament thread is open, and I’ve pre-registered anyone who explicitly expressed interest in this thread. We’re up to an 8-man bracket already!