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Yomi New Year Resolutions/Goals

Feel free to post your goals for the year. My goals for 2018 are:

  1. 60% Set and Game Win Rate
  2. Increase my Onimaru and Grave usage

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is track my Dodge/FDB “correct” %, including facedown respect.

Basically get data on the following situation:

I’m in Dragon Form and I really want to hit my opponent with an FDB.

Lead Dodge. Did it work? If so, did they Joker? Did I respect it (with K or Throw) or disrespect (with FDB).

Lead FDB. Did it work? If so, did they facedown? Did I pump? Did they Joker?

My goal is to figure out how often I’m right about the most important mixup Midori has. Am I winning games while having a low correct %? Am I losing with a high %, etc. It can shed some light on my tendencies and where my Ace focus ends up, which is a thing I’ve actually struggled with a lot (not playing enough Wrath of Earth.

I should ignore how many trials are with known aces vs hidden ones, because my head might explode.


I thought about doing something similar with Zane. I would like to track what my win rate is when I whiff Maximum Anarchy. There is more analysis that can be done, such as how often are throws successful after MA is known.

There could also be an interesting psychological experiment conducted. Would the results be different if I bursted for my Aces vs. powered up for them? My hunch is that it would. The data might be a little noisy because of other variables such as life totals and the fact that I burnt a joker in one scenario but not the other scenario. However, the severity of the damage should dampen some of that noise.

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My personal goal for 2018 is to make the Top 4 in any one of the “Big 3” (And by that I mean Summer Smash, IYL or 19XX)


Personal goal /not only for 2018/ is to have more and more… FUN with Yomi and the people in this great community and hope that more nice persons will join us :innocent:


Join more one day tournaments! :smiley:


My goals are to start doing some commentary of my matches (either video or text format), and to break a 50% overall winrate.


My goal is to actually win an event this year (not counting single-day tournaments). Last year was the first year playing since my introduction to the game that I had not won a single tournament.


Hosting more tournaments. I think LLL and 1-day Solo Showdown went well, so maybe I could get more things going.


I just stumbled back onto this post. At the halfway mark of the year, I’m 13/28 in the matches I’ve played (but positive in overall ELO), but haven’t really done any commentary (but I’ve got lots and lots of recorded footage, if I ever can manage to find the free time to do the analysis).


Just @ me next time. :wink:


I’ve come close to reaching my goal. All it will take is one more win.


Goal 1- 60% Game/Set win rate - Mission Accomplished (Now, can i maintain it?)

Goal 2 - Increase Onimaru and Grave usage rate - Mission Aborted