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Yomi New Year Resolutions/Goals: 2019 Edition

My Goals:

  • Build a place to test the proposed changes from the Bureau of Balance
  • Automate AutoTO so that I don’t have to remember to run it every day
  • Play with a bigger fraction of the cast to get to at least a reasonable level of ability with them

Win at least one tournament this year. Rely less on Troq

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One goal. Improve my ELO rating.

Edit: Right now the ELO sheet seems to be broken. The Current ELO tab skips quite a few rows of players.

Oh. Hrm… I’ll fix that.

EDIT: @CKR, can you describe more specifically what you mean? The sheet seems to have all the players listed in the Current ELO tab for me.


Hmmm…I can’t seem to figure it out. It might have something to do with filters. Sometimes I sort by ELO percentile and I get no data with REF displayed in the ELO cell.

Other times there are names missing. For instance on my current sort, it displays me at the very top of the ELO list. This is false. There are at least 10-15 players that should be listed above me. I will see if there is anything else that I can do later. It is odd that all the players are being displayed for you but not me.

So, for that tab, the only sorting that actually works is if you change cells B1 and C1. Sorting using the column headers is broken because of how the Current Elo is pulled from other sheets (IIRC). There’s also a separate issue where the whole sheet takes a really long time to update. I just realized this morning that I can probably speed it up by splitting the calculation between years, so that the sheet for a given year only has to update ELOs from that year, and thus can run all the calculations faster. Hopefully I can implement that soonish.


My goal: have a game win rate in tournament of 50% or better for the year.

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