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Yomi IOS version issue: game freezes vs Ex Gwen

Hi everyone!

I would like to report this issue for IOS version.

Each time I play vs Ex Gwen (sometimes even vs normal Gwen), after few turns, game freezes for some minutes (sometimes even 10min) after you pass draw ability phase.
That doesn’t happen in Steam version.
I play IOS version on an Iphone 5 with IOS 10.3.3.

Does anyone have got same issue?

I play on iPad Pro newest IOS version but I have not encountered this bug.

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I have this issue on iPhone 6S Plus iOS 11 as well, pretty sure it happens with other characters if they have a big hand as well.

For what it’s worth you should be able to kill the app and then open it up again resume practice and it’ll pick up in the correct place

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Thanks for your replies!

Big hand issue makes sense.
Yeah, normally I kill the app and re-open, but since big hand condition is already present when I re-open, most of the times game freezes again :wink:.
Luckily I’v already unlocked ex-gwen (through steam version :smile:) , but it’s quite annoying when I play on the go and got ex-gwen in survival mode!

Maybe could it be related to some HW limit?

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