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Yomi: Console Edition Controls

No, no announcement. I’m just noodling on what a control scheme might look like if Yomi were ported to the Switch (or another console), or was playable with a fightstick.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Cards are chosen via simultaneous selection of both the stick and buttons.
  2. Card number is chosen w/ the stick, using the following mapping:
 8  7  6
  \ | /
9 - 2 - 5
  / | \
 T  3  4

K - - A
  1. The buttons control the choice of Slow-Attack/Fast-Attack/Slow-Throw/Fast-Throw/Dodge/Block, and also Normal or Special/Super. Given a standard
Y   A

configuration, X is a offensive normal, and Y is a defensive normal. A is an offensive special, and B is a defensive special. Offensive to defensive is graded in the order listed above, that is (from more offensive to more defensive): Slow-Attack, Fast-Attack, Slow-Throw, Fast-Throw, Dodge, Block.

  1. If there are multiple cards of the same rank in hand, then after the rank and type are selected, suit is selected: X = Hearts, Y = Diamonds, A = Spades, B = Clubs.
  2. As an example, to play a 3-attack, you’d input dX (down-X), and to play a 6-block, you’d input ufY (up-forward-Y). To play Fast-J, you’d input b-B (back-B).
  3. To play a Joker, press any 3 of ABXY simultaneously.
  4. To pass, press Start
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That feels efficient but also really unintuitive, and Yomi has a really intuitive control interface right now. I feel like it’s more likely you’d use the dpad to jump between which card has focus, then based on your configuration, X would expand the card and shrink it back down, A would rotate it, B would play it, maybe Y would let you move a card around in your hand?

Maybe use the bumpers to swap to deck and discard?


Yeah, this is definitely not the most straightforward mapping. I was mostly just playing with what it would take to make Yomi play like the worlds slowest fighting game. :grin:

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Also, to capture the rationale behind the directional mapping: neutral jab is usually fast (so 2 is in the middle). Forward tends to be more offensive, so that gets the low-normals, which are attacks for most characters. Back tends to be more defensive, so that gets the high-normals, which are throws for most characters. Q is an uppercut (hence up). K is throwier, in general (hence back). I actually think maybe J and A should be switched, because J is more offensive (fireballs, etc).

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