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Yomi/Codex meetup in Japan

Hey guys long time no see

I’m going to be in Tokyo from the 1st to the 14th of January and I’m hoping to meetup and play in person with some of the Japanese players I can be pretty flexible with my times

@GRAG @Kasumi Not sure who else the player finder forum is a fair bit smaller than it used to be

I can bring my full yomi set and if need be I could probably manage to bring my full Codex set at a push

I’d also be willing to meetup multiple times if people are up for it


Unfortunately for your purposes I live in Kyoto, so unless you’re planning a trip out to 60Hz Japan I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet up!

I know that Rincy is visiting @lowtierhero in Japan at the moment, but I’m not sure what their plans are after new year.
I’m pretty sure IdesofMarch will be hanging out with them in Japan too.

Not sure if they’d have time to meet or where they’ll be.


Oh also link6616 lives in Japan.

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Yeah, @lowtierhero and link6616 both live in western Japan. The latter of which is much… west-er… than I am.

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Hello, we can play some between the 1st and the 11th.

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@sharpobject I don’t have any plans on sunday the 8th so that’d work for me, I could probably meet up during the daytime any other day as well, do you know any places that’d be good to let us chill and play cards? I’ll probably ask my japanese friends if they know anywhere that’d be a good place for it

last year when I met with BT and Titus_Neighbors(Kasumi) we went to a board game cafe in Akihabara and rented a spot. That sounds ok to me.


Yeah that sounds good, my friend mentioned a place to me in aki called tokyomtg so maybe that’s the same place, how does meetinh up during the day on wed/thurs sound?

I can do this.

I’m busy on wednesday now but thursday is good lets do it then