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Yomi Character Concept: Memnarch

One of the more obscure characters in the lore is Memnarch, the dragon martial artist who taught Midori and Menelker. I kinda want to mess around with him as an amalgamation of both dragon’s gameplay with a few twists of his own. Also I think this guy sounds really interesting in his own right and it’s a shame that the lore glosses over him

Memnarch, the Primordial Dragon
80 hp
4 cp
Atk spd x.4
Throw spd x.6 2cp starter
Throw damage 8 + KD
Veiled Dragonfire: when you play a face card, you may discard an A to Unveil it. Unveiled moves do double damage and block damage.

2 b/d
3 a/b
4 a/b
5 a/b
6 t/b
7 a/t
8 a/t
9 t/b
10 t/d
Dragon’s Forsight: counter an ability played during the combat phase. The opponent may discard 2 cards to make the ability uncounterable
J Charring Breath 2.4 spd atk 1cp ender 6(5) damage
If this attack is Unveiled on block, this attaches to the opponent’s character card. They take 2 damage each turn. Discard this card when you are hit by an attack, throw, or Gold Burst
Q Deflecting swipe Dodge
This can be used while KD. If this dodges an attack or joker, the opponent discards a card or take 10 damage. They must discard 2 if this is Unveiled
Scale Blades 3.0 spd atk 1cp linker 9(6)damage
AA Dragon’s Fury 1.0 spd atk can’t combo 20 damage
AAAA The Dragon’s Pride 4.6 spd throw 60 damage can’t combo

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I love theorycrafting, so here’s my 2 cents.

6 is a great throw, giving Menmarch the upper hand whenever he’s not facing a grappler in the throw game.
Also, throw into 78 is 23 damage, nothing to scoff at. Sadly, despite there being 345 there’s no way to land it besides raw or with Scale Blades (which I assume is the K, since it’s missing).

J feels a bit off as a whole. On block, you burn your opponent, but it feels kinda strange that the way to remove the burn is to attack the opponent. I think it would be a bit better, lore-wisely, if the burn came off whenever the opponent wins a combat.
I love the 10 damage on block, though.
Q’s unveiled form doesn’t really look useful: without unveiling, the opponent discards 1 card or takes 10 damage. Unveiling it, which requires you to discard an A, only makes the opponent discard one more card. What would you think if unveiling it let you control the opponent’s choice? You look at their hand and decide whether to take the 10 damage or discard a card.
This MIGHT be a bit strong, especially since it’s a dodge that can be used while KD’d (which, considering Memnarch doesn’t really have many fast options, is a godsend), but I think I like it, especially since it’d have a bit of Menelker in him.

K looks a bit subpar, but that’s fine I guess. It does do a lot of block damage, and unveiling it makes it even easier to checkmate the opponent. The problem with K is mostly that, as a linker, you don’t have much to link into. You could start with a low normal, then K into 78 (27-30 damage, depending on the low normal used), but you are still starting with at least 3.4.

Having AA and AAAA is a great choice, since you’ll be using your A to unveil cards and you don’t have good ways of retrieving them besides power-upping. I don’t see either side of A being used, but I guess it’s nice having the options every now and then.
If anything, I’d make the AA at least a 2CP ender to throw confirm into it. It’d be a meh option, but it’s nice to have.

Memnarch doesn’t really need dodge confirms, since he can throw stuff raw and then unveil face cards IF they hit, but even then he’s given a bare minimum of 2 dedicated dodges (2 and Q) and 10, which can be a dedicated dodge in certain match-ups. That’s not much, but I guess it’s fine.

As mentioned earlier, Memnarch main weakness is his speed. 3.4 on a normal, 2.3 on a face and 1 on a AA will mean that fast attacks (2s, most Js and Qs) can really oppress him, considering he only has 8/12 dodges. This goes double considering that most non-grapplers are discouraged from throwing because of 6.
I guess the Q works a bit like a DP in here, but there’s not much to dodge confirm into unless you want to spend a lot of resources. Probably, dodge into throw is going to be the most useful, to at least score a KD, since the most damage you can get is dodge into unveiled K, which is just 18 damage and -2 without KD.

Overall, I’m not sure what Mem’s gameplan would look like. Little-less-than-decent dodging, slow attacks and okay throws make blocking the best option, but the lack of Defense Mastery turns a good block into a +1 instead of a +2 (still +2 against specials, but eh).
Having only one very fast throw, means that you can get punished pretty harshly for blocking too much, especially considering the 80HPs.
He doesn’t really have “a turn”, any moment in which he can say “now it’s my advantage”. When the opponent is KD’d, fast attacks (not even reversals) are GREAT options. 345 starts on an odd attack, and any other normal start is a subpar option, so even the blocking mixup isn’t too strong.

On the bright side, a KD’d Memnarch has a dodge. On a less bright side, if the opponent suspects at all you have a Q in hand, they’ll convert every throw into a combo, instead of a simple KD.

Again, I really love the Unveiled mechanic, but I think it would have made for a more iconic character if he simply had blunt face-cards that when unveiled did TONS of damage, moving their abilities on the numbered cards. A slow starter J that also does a lot of chip damage, a DP Q and a decently fast linker K would make for a great set of face cards to pair with the unveiled mechanic.

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J is a fireball style face card so it’s designed to be very good on block.
Q is mostly there as a way to give him a sort of parry instead of a DP. I forgot to say that it doesn’t let you follow up. I could definitely see changing the ability to “the opponent must discard 1 card or take 15 damage. If unveiled, the opponent takes 15 damage and discards 1” The idea largely is from EX Midori’s Destiny card.
AAAA is mostly there for flavor reasons as both the other dragons have moves like that
The general intended playstyle is a “midrange bully” kind of character, with an emphasis on setting up devastating key combats. That being said, his damage is a bit on the low side for such a design. Being slow is definitely part of the intended design, though giving him a few fast options would probably be a good idea. It also may help to let him power up for face cards, though that may be a bit too much.