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Yomi character concept: Daigo Stormborne

This character concept has been developing in my mind for the better part of a year now. May as well draft it.
So, in the lore Daigo Stormborne is Grave’s dad who dies at the hands of Onimaru in battle. I think it would be fitting for him to have elements of both their designs. Specifically, I want him to have a playstyle similar to Oni with several particular aspects of Grave’s design being used to make how he achieves that playstyle very different. Anyway here goes

Daigo Stormborne
90 hp
Atk spd x.4 enders
Throw spd x.8
Throw damage 7 KD
Mental Endurance: when Daigo’s normal attacks are blocked, attach them to his character card (max 4). When he next hits with an attack, discard all attached cards and the attack does +2 damage for each. If he had 4 attached, gain 1 combo point for this combo. If a face card is blocked, discard an attached card for no damage.

2 a/d
3 a/d
4 b/d
5 a/b
6 a/b
Unflinching Resolve. 1cp starter. The attack can’t be interrupted by normal attacks. Any damage taken this way is added to this attack’s damage
7 t/b
8 t/b
9 t/b
10 a/b
Overhead Strike: this attack can’t be blocked
J Lightning Pulse atk 4.6 spd ender 2(8) damage
If this deals block damage, opponent doesn’t draw from blocking and return this to hand
Q Hilt Bash 0.2 spd atk can’t combo 9 damage
K Critical Thrust 4.8 spd atk 1 cp ender 8+9(3K) damage
A Bloody Slice 2.4 spd atk 1 cp ender 15 damage
AAAA Hero’s Last Stand 30 damage 4.0 spd attack can’t combo
Hero’s Last Stand can’t be interrupted. Any damage taken this way is added 2X to this attack’s damage

Notes: The original idea for the Innate is RISC in Guilty Gear. Basically it’s like a guard gauge that adds to potential damage rather than creating guard breaks. I wanted his design to have a strong feel of a warrior who’s fighting tooth and nail and not giving up no matter how hopeless it seems.


I absolutely love the idea of the character, but there’s one major critical flaw.

You said that normals are enders, but if they were you wouldn’t be able to do ANY combo since every attack is an ender. If throws are 1 CP starters, you can get throw into normal or J/Q/K/A, but you wouldn’t be able to use the added CP from mental endurance. If they were linkers, you could do throw into throw into an attack, but that doesn’t fit the character at all.

I assume it’s just a typo, perhaps you meant to make throws 1CP enders (which I don’t think we’ve seen in the game, yet, and that would be pretty interesting).

IMHO, design-wisely, the set that would work the best would be regular normals, and can’t combo throws.

I’ll wait on this before commenting the rest, but I’ll just let you know I’m really hyped for Overhead Strike AND J.

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That was a slip-up. Yeah normals should combo as usual and let’s make throws not combo