Yomi 2 Kickoff Tourney - July 1st, 8pm EDT

It’s been a while, let’s see if everybody remembers how to do this :chibizane:


Date: July 1st

Time: 8pm EDT, Conversions to other time zones

Players <= 7, Round Robin, Best of 3, 45 minute matches
Players >= 8, Double Elimination, Best of 3, 45 minute matches
Loser can change gem, not character

Hobusu (tenative)

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I’m up for it. Do I need to post my character in advance?

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No need, you can switch characters between matches

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I am tempted, though I would need to procure Yomi 2 first. I’ll have a look into whether or not I can make that happen and report back.

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If you want to use Grave / Rook / Setsuki, you can just dl the demo

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I’d like to join in.

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I’m tentatively in, but may have to drop out if something comes up around that time.

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I’ll join. currently a 1trick, will have to try some new characters or something maybe…
GL to everyone!

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i’ll participate!

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I need to drop out. I’ve been having internet problems today and I don’t feel well. I hope to participate next time


Get well soon :gloria:



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Character breakdown:

:grave: 4 - 6, :red_circle: :black_circle:

:jaina: 12 - 11,:red_circle: :black_circle: :purple_circle:

:setsuki: 4 - 11, :rainbow:

:rook: 13 - 5,:red_circle: :white_circle: :purple_circle:

:argagarg: 2 - 1 :black_circle:

No shows:
:geiger: :degrey: :valerie: :chibizane: :midori:

Raw MU Data

Round 1
Bob199 Purple Rook 2-1 jjjdragon31 Red Jaina
Feathers Purple Jaina 2-1 shobbs White Setsuki
Janet Purple Jaina 2-1 Red Grave

Round 2
Bob199 Purple Rook 2-0 shobbs White Sets
Janet Purple Jaina 2-0 jjjdragon31 Red Jaina
Feathers Purple Rook 2-0 Hobusu Red Grave

Round 3
Feathers Black Arg 2-1 Bob199 Purple/Red(g3) Rook
Hobusu 2-0 jjjdragon (DQ victory)
Janet Purple Jaina 2-1 shobbs White Setsuki

Round 4
Feathers Purple Rook 2-0 jjjdragon31 Red Jaina
Janet Green/Blue(g2) Sets vs Bob199 White/Red(g3) Sets
Hobusu Black Grave 2-0 shobbs White Setsuki

Round 5
jjjdragon31 Red Jaina 2-0 shobbs White Sets
Bob199 Purple/Red(g3) Rook 2-1 Hobusu Red/Black(g2) Grave
Feathers Purple/White(g3) Rook 2-1 Janet Purple/Black(g2) Jaina

(edited for final results)

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