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XCAPS21 Ideas?

I’m not sure what you mean, but it occurs to me that there’s already value in having more than 20 workers: the opponent has to destroy more workers to prevent you from starting the turn at the $20 max. Still, I’ve never seen anyone reach 20 workers in practice, so it’s academic.

afaik it has never happened. No game lasted that long, not even with maps.

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Highest count I can found on the forum is 15, here.

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Your maximum gold is 20, at any time. So you could not spend any of the gold made by your 11 workers on 1 turn, and the following turn they would only be able to make 9g for a total of 20g.

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Ah, I get what you mean, now. Basically, it would allow you to postpone the decision to pay to tech extra cards, and float the gold instead, with the intention on spending some of it to tech in cards on the following turn, maybe to wait for a reshuffle. Seems like that would open up the possibility for some clever strategy, and it doesn’t seem like it would advantage or disadvantage any particular spec, so I think it’s good.

Guys, I have a proposal that I’ve been thinking about and just wanted to know how you guys feel about this approach. This is totally separate apart from picking a format for XCAPS21 thus can be applied to any format. It is rather an experiment to the PBF system. The idea behind is making the PBF games accident free and doubt free.

We need two volunteers for this experiment.
Let’s say the main host/match maker is A and the posting helper is B.
Basically, B keeps track of all the game spreadsheets except for his own game. Lots of bookkeeping for B. So I’m volunteering for this position to see if the workload is manageable for larger tourneys.

  1. After matches are assigned by A, starting hands are privately messaged to each player by B with exception of the match B is involved which is handled by A.
  2. All players post only the public portion of their T1 respectively excluding all private info previously included as hidden. I’m thinking optional hidden thoughts can still be included and welcomed.
  3. Following their turns, new hands are privately messaged to each player by B. This step is omitted if T2 hand is pre-determined by their starting hand and T1 discard/draw.
  4. Starting T2, players post their turns same way (public information only) and at the same time privately message their tech choices to B.
  5. If technician draw happens, drawn card is privately messaged to the player by B.
  6. If card draw happens during a player’s turn, that player first messages their tech choices to B, then drawn card(s) are privately messaged to the player by B.
  7. Repeat step 3 thru 6 until game is over.
  8. B posts all tech choices and hands by turn at the end for public viewing.

Let me know if I’m missing any necessary step and if you guys are interested in trying this out.

In theory I have no problem with this, but it does place a huge burden on whoever’s hosting. You’d need several hosts for a tournament, if we were still looking at week-long rounds.

@vengefulpickle was developing a bot last year, called @ref, to semi-automate several Sirlin games, including Codex. I don’t think any of us took him up on testing it for Codex at the time, but this is an alternative way to go.

Either way, you’d need some way for players to revert a turn to make corrections, and for judges to intervene.

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Would be very cool for me to try out your variant. Also, as idea, to play games via tabletopia simulyator

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The Tabletopia version’s gone, mate. SG pulled it, since the devs never paid royalties.


Ha! I didn’t know about this development. Thanks for the link. I just skimmed thru the post and I have no clue what it does and how should it be used. This whole command thing is like an alien language to me. :worried:

I agree it places a huge burden on the host. Based on the number of participants on this post, I’m assuming it won’t be a big turnout so I was volunteering to test this out. If one of you can help managing my games I think I can take care of the rest.

Regarding reverting and corrections, it should work the same way as before. I think it will be easier since the spreadsheet tracking is centralized? Hoping less error but maybe more :crazy_face:

it’s simulyator, i can give a screenshotСнимок

Problem with tabletop simulator play is that I can’t commit to a one-sitting game unfortunately.

agreed, but it can provide some more socializing, so lost, so needing at quarantine

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There’s more problems than that. Tabletop Simulator Codex isn’t an official version, to the point that Sirlin thinks they should be sent a Cease and Desist. There’s technically nothing against running a tournament on there, aside from having both players and a judge online at the same time, but personally it would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Nice as it would be to play this more “socially”.

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I guess I like the idea of preventing cheating, but this also means and time someone needs to look at a hand they need to wait for a third party to post it before they can continue


The trick would be for someone who knows codex to sit down and help me whip up the commands that would be needed. Likely with a bit of work, you could get a command set that would be fairly natural to use fora typical forums codex player, and then the bot would do the reference keeping.


I really don’t feel like the tradeoff of inconvenience (even with a bot, you’re either allowing free rollback/re-rolls for “mistakes” or you’re blocking play to wait for the opponent to approve a rollback) is worth it; maybe I’m trusting and gullible but I don’t feel like anyone here is being dishonest in for-fun forum tournaments and even if they are, that’s fine with me.

I’ve thought about developing a site that would track board state for a game (and thus be able to do these kind of things, would make stat collection way easier too) but never find the time /shrug


Yeah uh that’s a point I didn’t raise but agree with;
I’m just some dork playing some nerd cardgame on a forum with some other nerds for zero prestige, money, rank, or anything important. I just wanna play cards ok. If someone desperately wants to cheat and look at my hand and perfectly tech against me then like… ok. Let them. I don’t really care.


Understood and agreed that there’s the tradeoff of inconvenience. Never mind the proposal. :innocent:

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While I’m obviously too late for this tournament, I’d love to hear your thoughts about a tournament including fanmade specs and have made a separate thread here :slight_smile: