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XCAFS21 Mixup ideas?

Hey Fam! No one took me up on opening a thread to discuss so I’ll take the lead.

For context, historically our quarterly forum tournaments have been experimental in the Spring / Fall (where we play with formats, rules etc) and our Summer / Winter tournaments are standard rules and format.

What would folks like to see for the fall’s tourney wrinkle? I have heard a vote for “monocolor only but not Black” (we kiiiinda did this with the balance changes tourney) and “change hero kills to award 2g for opponent instead of 2 levels”, what else would folks want in a poll?

2v2 Tourney? Another round of balance tweaks? Something else? Let’s start brainstorming, as we’ll be targeting tourney start in ~ 5 weeks!


You do mean XCAFS20, right? Because that tournament was absolutely not monocolour. I didn’t propose “mono without Black” for balance purposes, I proposed it because there are some players that can’t stand multicolour and refuse to play it, so it would be nice to have a tournament where they could join in.


You’re right, that was not mono color, my mistake.

I would prefer to nerf black rather than outright ban it but floor is open to discuss. Black with no Vandy spells, or just no Vandy at all, would be my counter proposal.

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Those are interesting. Playing with just 2 heroes seems pretty harsh to me, I think not having access to Vandy spells (can’t tech them, can’t fetch them with her midband) would be enough of a nerf. Hell, just removing Dark Pact and Meta might be enough.

I skipped the last few X-style tournies, so I don’t know what’s already been done. But mono-color is always fun, and we could think of ways to make it extra interesting if it feels too vanilla.

Here’s one idea: instead of choosing one codex for the entire tourny, you choose a color for each match, and you can’t choose the same one until you’ve played all the others.


Kinda like that idea, six shooter style.

I had the same gut reaction to removing Vandy all together but at least for blue vs black it wasn’t awful at all, Neko and I played it and it was a surprisingly good solve. Maybe we could have troq sub for Vandy just in spells + body, and optionally allow finesse sub in on one deck choice? I’d be take for that. Makes it almost mono but allows a little pumpkin spice for fall flavor XD

ooo I’d love a 2v2 tourney, but do be aware it will take much much longer

I’m still of the opinion that outright removal of Black, or Vandy, or Vandy’s spells is too heavy-handed. I also still think changing Deteriorate and Haunt to $1 and moving Vandy’s resist to her lowband while removing sparkshot is quite sufficient in terms of nerfs.

I’d like to participate in a 2-headed dragon tourney (where a single player controls both “heads” for the team) one of these years.

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Clone-headed dragon eh? I kinda like that actually. Okay, I think we have enough to vote on but I’ll take suggestions through EOD Thursday then Friday I’ll put a poll up and late next week finalize a sign-up thread

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Okay, here we go! What do folks wanna do? I’ll start a sign-up thread on Friday next week (Sept 3rd) w/ whatever wins!

  • Clone-Headed Dragon: 2v2 tourney, one player playing each “side”
  • Six Shooter: Must choose each monocolor at least once, can sub River in once, Troq subs for Vandy in Black
  • Monocolor Mixup: Pick one monocolor for whole tourney (same sub out Troq for Vandy on Black) hero kills net +2g instead of +2 levels

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When and how should the color be chosen in the six shooter variant? Before or after the pairing? Before or after you know who starts the game? Should the color choice of one player be visible for the other to choose his?

Would probably have folks submit them to me ahead of time and run the cut after 6 rounds rather than 3 strikes policy

Little concerned we only have 5 votes here, calling it in two

Six Shooter Recommendation:

Create all 6 matchups for each player, and allow all 6 to start, like a RACE tournament. Then allow like 6 weeks to get all 6 matches completed, then do the cut.

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At least for a newbie like me this would be a bit of an overkill. Not sure I could handle that…

In practice, you can still play one per week, but it lets you know what matches you will definitely being playing.

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Agree that all at once is probably too much for some prospective players, may do paired groupings tho. Was definitely gonna do RR then a top X for playoff.

Like, I’ll post all the matches and the rough suggestion for when each needs completing by, then all pairs can go at the pace that makes sense for them


Second recommendation: I dont think you should actively disallow mirror matches. Let the randomness reign.


Less for me to do the better XD

Will neutral Starter be allowed once?

I’m leaning no but open to dissent on it