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[XCAFS18] EricF [Feral/Growth]/Finesse vs Marto [Necro]/Present/Balance

I’ll scoop to that! @zhavier

Checking your hand, I see that killing Geiger instead of the Tech 2 would not have helped, as you could have done basically the same thing either way.

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With both Nether Drains in hand, I was pretty sure either hero would do. I guess breaking tech II was your best option, as the Garth line would’ve led to roughly the same damage with much more board presence for me (playing Tricycloid + maxband Garth, so ending with two hyperions and one Tricycloid, most certainly).

I don’t remember having used Argonauts+ Graveyard to this extent in any other game, but I will definitely keep an eye on it from now on.

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Am I missing something? Why couldn’t he just have shot Calamandra first to avoid paying resist cost?
Tricycloid shots are separate events with separate targeting and hitting steps.
Shoot Calamandra, she dies, resist is over. Then shoot both units.

If Cal dies first, Geiger maxbands and flickers the Tricycloid, so 2 shots are wasted.