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Why is Flash Duel not as popular as it should be?

It’s seriously such a well-designed game which balances intuitive and complex. I have introduced a lot of non-boardgame players to the game who have developed a taste for other boardgames, but none hit the mark as Flash Duel does. I add that many of these friends were those intimidated by the complexity and culture of boardgames.

Flash Duel is really amazing, and I find it sad that nobody I know outside my circle knows about the game.


Yeah, even though it seems to be the bastard child to the core competitive Sirlin community, Flash Duel has actually been the biggest/easiest hit for me with all Sirlin games among the general audience that I’ve played with.

It had really poor advertising campaign though

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Well, it’s relatively hard to get ahold of a physical copy, and unlike Yomi, Codex and Puzzle Strike there’s no Steam or other online version.

I for one would very much like to play it, I think it’s right in the sweet spot for some of my friends who are daunted by how long and steep the learning curve of Yomi is, but I just can’t get it.

Isn’t it in stock on the Sirlin Games web store?

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Yomi is the flagship game, Puzzle Strike is a deckbuilder, but Flash Duel is a game that doesn’t have a lot to compare it to–and even Yomi has familiar 54-card poker decks. I think that might contribute.

Is it also possible that the game’s depth is hidden behind the seeming simplicity of it? I’ve haven’t scratched the surface of Flash Duel, myself, but I would like to play it more often! Or, ever! I think I’ve only played against my Dad a couple times, which was fun, but from what I understand there’s a lot there to explore that I haven’t seen.

I think that people interested in strategic games Sirlin has made might gravitate more to Puzzle Strike, Codex, Yomi, or Pandánte - or maybe even Fantasy Strike before thinking of playing Flash Duel at all, but I hope that more people consider it! Flash Duel can be really fun even when graphing calculators aren’t involved in the proceedings! :smiley_cat:

Another set of counterpoints: HD Remix and Flowchart and Kongai and Chess 2 and Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix are also games!


I’ve occasionally found myself wondering about the untapped potential of 2v2 team Flash Dance and all sorts of wild, potentially game-breaking synergies.

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2v2 is very very fun in the revised edition

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