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Which starter would you run?

So I want to give a Garth/Grave/Onimaru deck several plays to see if it’s a deck I enjoy playing and to see if I can do well with it. However, I can’t decide if I want to run the white or black starter. I dig the black starter for its spells but then kind of feel that I’m forced more into playing Garth in the early game. I like the white starter because Safe Attacking Bone Collectors and Horrors sounds amazing. I’ll also have a ton of hero denial with white starter.

Maybe the best solution is just to play it both ways a bunch and see which one feels better? But, which starter would you run with this deck?

If any one else has the same question as me for a deck they want to run feel free to post that here as well.

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I’ve run the Necro/Discipline shell with the Black starter before, but it feels a little awkward. Graveyard and Scatter the Weak fit very well into a grindier, value-oriented game plan and scale nicely, but 5 starting units instead of White’s 6 makes for some openings that are harder to use. Additionally, going with the Black starter means Skeletal Archery is your only anti-air outside of Elite Training, either of which are very hero-reliant.

The White starter is very consistent, with a 1-1-2-2-3-3 unit cost distribution. Its anti-air is on a unit, Safe Attacking is very nice with early game like Lich’s Bargain and Cadets, and Aged Sensei lets you take advantage of your two very combat-capable heroes. Also, Snapback scales incredibly well over the game. As much as I like Graveyarding Tech II Discipline units, I think White is probably the better choice here.

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I’d go white. I figure that the White and Black starters are both great at Aggro. They’re really on par with each other imo, so I’d likely play whichever one lines up better with the hero you want to open with. Plus Snapback can potentially save you a Doom Grasp tech in. I used to play Prynn & Rook together a lot, and really appreciated not having to tech in an Origin Story anymore once I switched from Purple to White.

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I think most of the arguments above for the white starter are pretty solid.
Here are the main arguments I can see for black:

  • Graveyard is amazing, and Graveyard shenanigans with OEC or Rambasa Twin could be useful.
  • Sacrifice the Weak is a phenominal spell.
  • Thieving Imp is an obnoxious little jerk
  • Deteriorate scares 1-HP guys

But I think I’d still lean whilte - the white starter is a lot more flexible and offers some pretty good synergies of its own. Furthermore, if all you have in black is Garth, you don’t have the option to play aggressively with Vandy or Orpal while leveraging Black’s phenominal starter spells efficiently. The White starter is a lot more unit-focused, and thus more tolerant of playing an off-color hero early. And it’s easy to get value out of Advice and Hook, even with the penalty.

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