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Where are the FSX 2017 yomi/codex videos?

I was reminiscing about the past and teasing younger sister in front of boyfriend, as one does, when the topic of video evidence of past deeds came up. However all I can find is videos of the Fantasy Strike tournament. While quite good on their own right, they do not prominently feature the striking features and daring deeds of my humble lineage.

Seriously though. Are the vids lost to time, never existed in the first place, or just some place I haven’t thought to look yet?

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They are lost to time :frowning: I was super busy the coming weeks after FSX and thought I had much longer to upload them to YouTube; as a result I missed the deadline and lost some amazing Yomi and Codex footage :frowning:





my codex games are up on my channel, including the one where you kick my ass