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What's your Favorite Deck?

I assign zero value to the Tech III unit when deciding which specs to use, unless it’s Gunship, Ebbflow, Octavian, or any of the Gryphons. Even then, it’s a minor consideration.

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Care to unpack that a bit? Gunship and Ebbflow make Anarchy and Past more attractive. Octavian makes Present less attractive? I can see Liberty Griffon potentially makes Truth more attractive, but neither of the others are either particularly strong or weak?

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The other two are too weak to be worth building a Tech III, also the Discipline Monument belong on the “not worth it” list. That’s really the bucketing: Is the Tech III good enough to claw you out from being significantly behind, or too weak to be worth building a Tech III for (just spend the gold on more Tech II stuff / heroes). Most Tech IIIs are somewhere in between, where they are strong enough to tip a game at parity, or lock up one where you are ahead, and it doesn’t really matter if you’re using Trojan Duck, Blademaster, Oathkeeper, or a T-Rex to do it.


Yes, that makes more sense. I think the only other one I’d propose for the ‘not worth it’ category is Moss Ancient…

Isn’t there a bit of a “my tech III beats your tech III” component to it, though? For instance T-Rex and Zarramonde can both remove an opponent’s win condition (tech III or something else like e.g. MoLaC). Does this not enter into your consideration?

Also, what’s wrong with Octavian? Lack of restistance or untargetable?

Edit: probably not that, I suppose, since there are 6 tech 3’s without some form of targeting protection (Bashing, Finesse, Blood, Ninjitsu, Past, Present) and one of those (Past) is very strong.

See the full discussion of Tech III options here

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Do I take it then, that you have revised your views on Law and Blood Tech IIIs?

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I agree! Purples upgrade to soilders attack plus the 4 free units from tech 1 purple and tech 1 blue. Combine that with drill Sargent adding plus 1/1 for each unit played from your hand then get building allows you to draw a card for each unit played from your hand. You could almost roll through your whole deck and have a massive army on the board with either spread out runes or one buff drill Sargent. Oh btw you can play 2 drill sargents to double that up. 100% crazy roll out. I didn’t have room for all my cards. GG,

I have played many games with this deck in the past.
I don’t know if you could still find them though.

Has any one tried and had success with a Blood/Law combo? They seem to compliment each other nicely. Drakk’s abilities seem to take the Law units to the next level. A Scribe with Frenzy sounds like a super solid unit and a Frenzy Hasted Justice Juggernaut sounds terrifying.

Then on the flip Bigby can seemingly do a lot for Blood. Judgment Day into Crashbarrows could do work and with the draw on Bigby and the draw from Scribes while also providing defense can help you keep up that suicide offense.

The build has maximum unit steal. Drakk can steal units in play and Bigby can steal units from hand/discard.

Who would work well as the third spec? I was thinking Feral. This would provide a good early offense hero, access to the Green starter, AA, more Drakk synergy in the form of 2/1 frogs, 5/4 stealth Tigers, and Hasted Rampaging Elephants. A hasted Moss Ancient would be pretty hilarious as well, got to use up all the squirrel tokens to turn the MA drops.

I’m pretty out of the loop because PBF isn’t my bag so maybe this is a common combo and I’m just saying things every one already knows? Maybe people tried it and it didn’t work well? But what do you think of the Blood/Law combo and the [Feral]/Blood/Law deck?


I’ve considered peace/blood because a tech lab garrison perfectly solves the real weakness in Bloods suicidal offense: card draw. Scribes and insurance agents might be an acceptable alternative.

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The free units in Purple are Knight of the Conclave, right?

Since they have Forecast, do they even count as “played from hand” to trigger Drill Sergeant/Garrison? I couldn’t find anything in the Ruling thread.

Yes. You can compare/contrast Drill Sergeant to Blooming Ancient, from Growth (who triggers on “when a unit or hero arrives”. If you have both in play, and you play a Knight of the Conclave from your hand, the Drill Sergeant gets a +1 rune. Then, when the Knight arrives, Blooming Ancient gets a +1 rune.


I got to play 6 games of [Feral],Law,Blood today and it seems like there is some serious potential to this deck. All games were played against [Necro],Blood,Truth.

Early aggro with Cala seems effective as ever, there’s a really nice assortment of tech I to chose from. Law stall with green slowness has some nice synergy. Quite a few good spells for Jurisdiction to pick from.

Unfortunately what would have been my most exciting turn of the set for me was thwarted by Free Speech (I strongly dislike that card). The turn would have been max band Drakk into Rampaging Elephant to either destroy both tech buildings or bring base down to 2.

Another really good potential turn was thwarted by tech II destruction. And I was really looking forward to Feral Strike into double Justice Juggernaut too.

There’s some cool stuff here. Really enjoying the deck so far though and looking forward to playing it more.


If the [Feral],Law,Blood deck hasn’t been given a name I am hearby dubbing it, for the time being, NoFS or No FS. Which is short for No Fantasy Strike. All three of these characters come from a color where two of the heroes in that color are in Yomi but none of these characters are.


Deck that I want to get more practice in with: Blood/Truth/Past. (Not sure what starter I’m using, but I’m leaning towards Red. Purple might be more stable, though!)

The most exciting idea behind this one to me is to have a midband Drakk and a fully constructed Tech II, then playing two Shimmer Rays and Bloodlust-ing them and destroying ye opponent’s Tech I & Tech II. If ye somehow have a Quince & a Mirror that can attack, deal a little more damage to the base! :0

Another interaction that could be cool in this strategy is Shoddy Glider and Second Chances. From what I understand, the ephemeral would trigger at ye end of turn, then the Second Chances would make it arrive again, and if the opponent can’t kill it on their turn it’ll arrive again due to ephemeral and Second Chances triggering on both players’ turns! Might be nice for Shimmer Rays that ye can’t afford to discard to, but in my experience discarding a card or two is worth keeping them around instead of waiting an additional turn to be able to attack again! Kidnapping + Second Chances is also a thing!

But ye can also go a few other different ways!


Whats the combo of Kidnapping + Second Chances? You don’t have a way of sacrifing the unit you steal other then combat damage, so how are you getting the Second chances trigger?

Just hope they never build a tower.


From the codexcarddb entry for Second Chances: “If you steal a unit with Kidnapping, and this would then “return it to play,” it returns under your control, not the original owner’s control. “Return” effects check the last controller, rather than the owner. — Sirlin”[quote=“Shadow_Night_Black, post:164, topic:1079”]
Just hope they never build a tower.
With the right setup, destroying that first is not a problem, but even if they do build one ye could potentially get six+ damage out of one Shoddy Glider before they deal with it! Tower is not that exciting against Shimmer Rays, so if ye don’t expose the Gliders early on and put decent pressure on ye opponent it’s possible that they wouldn’t be interested in building a Tower even if they could.

Yes, but second chances only works on non combat triggers, so how are you killing the unit you steal before it returns to your opponent with using combat with this deck? Casting undo on it? (so 2 heros, 2 spells and a tech 2 upgrade, costing 7 gold and 2 cards that turn if they are all in play before it). Also given that you’ve picked 3 heros that I normally think of as back line, KILL ME NOW! targets from their abilities and spells, so your also probs casting those hero’s that turn (11 gold). A better bet would be to add Necro/Disease instead of truth. With the black starter and Orpal/Doom Grasp you have useful ways of killing their units you take. Plus Garth allows the nether drain/Max Prynn fun times.


The Kidnapping is causing it to leave play, but the Second Chances returns it to play as that is a non-combat trigger, after all.

And, thanks for the tips, but even "back-line"heroes can help close out games if they are properly defended. And, I’m not expecting all of that to just work! Obviously Codex offers a lot of interaction, and things can just not work out, and there are some things that are more synergy based & other things and are just solid on their own.

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