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What's your Favorite Deck?

Sorry if there is a similar thread already I could not find it.

I’m curious which deck do you enjoy playing most and why?

For me right now it’s [Law], Truth, Disease

There are many reasons why I like this deck:

  1. Law is fast becoming one of my favorite specs if not my favorite

  2. Community Service is quite possibly my favorite spell in the game

  3. This deck gives me a lot of control options. I can destroy units with Judgement Day, Sickness/Spreading Plague, Hallucination/Dreamscape. I can mess with heroes using Reputable Newsman, Sicknees/Spreading Plauge, Carrion Curse, Free Speech.

  4. With point 3 I feel like I have strong options to counter unit or hero based strategies. I like being safe and with these counters I can feel safe. The tricky part is anticipating which way they are going. Cards like Lawful Search, and Eyes of the Chancellor make it much easier to get great value out of Community Service and Carrion Curse.

  5. making an opponent discard an entire hand of 5 cards is the dream combo I want to achieve. Community Service into Carrion Curse into two Carrion Crows Swinging at base.

  6. none of these specs (as far as I know) are currently “popular”.

  7. you might wonder why not just play mono Blue? Well Orpal brings hero kill, discard effects, great anti-air options, and a super good ultimate as the decks only way to deal direct damage to buildings + Blue/Black is awesome + mirror Carrion Crows, Abominations, and Gorgons is too cool.

The main weakness for the deck is building destruction. I’m worried opponents can rush to tech III and there is little I’ll be able to do to stop it. I’ve only played with this deck against a newish player so that might be true or the deck might just fail hard against experienced players. Wont really know until I play it a bunch vs good players because I feel like the deck has a pretty high skill cap. Either way I’ve really enjoyed playing this deck and I hope to get really strong with it.


My favorite by far is still Monopurple. Time runes and draw tricks are fascinating to me. And that moment when someone gets cocky and plays something Vir can assimilate or leaves a wounded hero vulnerable to nullcraft.

I’m still trying to find my go-to multicolor deck. I like [Growth]/Ninjutsu/Strength. It doesn’t really have a great answer for upgrades or flyers. But Dinosize on Doubling Barbarian is super fun when it works.

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Not sure what mine is. I feel like I want to get Ninjutsu to work with something, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.


So far I’ve only tried mono-red and mono-green, but neither of them really feels right to me. I suspect that I’ll end up liking mono-white most, since it’s more “balanced” than the two extremes that red and green represent, and in most games I tend to prefer the middle-of-the-road characters/factions.


My ultimate dream is to build a deck that can blast the opponent’s base in one shot with Colossus from the Strength Spec. I’m still coming up with how it will all work, but when I finally find it, that will be my favorite deck.


Colossus + Dinosize + Dinosize + some other +1/+1 trickery = 360 no-scope headshot


I’m very much still in the try stuff and see what happens stage. I’ve only played 1 multicolor game so far. The rest of my games have been mono color vs mono color, although I did replace Disease with Finesse in one of those games. In terms of mono color decks, so far I like mono-white best.

i am kinda enthusiast of codex, so even if is gonna sound clichéd i like them all!!
So far i rlly like [past]/peace/anarchy (copyright @EricF )
and [Fire]/[Balance/discipline.
I am eager to exploit both law and disease, since imho they are too much underestimated and played. I may even copy ur idea, Clan :3


Yeah, Monopurple is mine as well. I feel like I’m piloting a starship when I play it…so many buttons I can press to do different things :slight_smile:

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  • I feel most comfortable playing mono white (probably comes from practicing it the most)
  • Mono red is super fun!
  • [Finesse]/Discipline/Strength is my current go-to “powerful” deck. Figuring out how to best keep attacking while minimizing losses feels like a puzzle every turn.

Yeah, I think Strength and Growth together are a must for my strat to work. I think you could also use Bird’s Nest in the early game to deal 2 damage to the enemy base before the Colossus comes out so that all you would need is the 2x Dinosize to make the Colossus strong enough (with 18 ATK) for the “Checkmate Buster” (yes, he knows Garus Rook).


If I had the deluxe set, I’d be trying out [Blood]/Strength/Demonology.

The goal is to get Tech II with a Tech Lab (Demonology/Strength), and ideally a max-band Drakk, then play Terras Q and Jefferson DeGrey, in that order, to immediately unleash the beast.

If you have Drakk maxxed from the previous turn, it only costs 9 to drop TQ, drop JDG, and immediately swing (and Obliterate) with TQ.

If you have no Drakk at all, it costs 16 total to do it all in one turn, or 13 to play Drakk and Charge or Drakk and Bloodlust (which lets you swing with both, though getting the spells in the same hand is less likely).

Ardra’s Boulder is the go-to Tech I, but getting Mythmaking out the turn before TQ and JDG drop makes for added lulz, since they’re both Legendary (and getting it out with the boulder makes for 2/8 patrollers, which is fine defense for those tech buildings).

I’m also considering Demonology as the starter, just because Jandra and skeletons might make it more likely you get to Tech II with a Lab, but I don’t like this as much.

Is this more of a combo theme deck? Absolutely. But since that’s all I play in games where they’re available, this would be my go-to.


I go on Geiger of course.
:grinning:“I’m your friend, till the end.”/「君のためなら死ねる。」
↑ It’s a parody of the video game.

But I have some problem…

・The Vorttos looks scary for me. :confounded: ( Need long time…)

・I’m careress, so BAD AT RTS. :dizzy_face:
・Also I have no sense of TCG deck building. :tired_face:
So, I still not understand “how to win with purple”.
I will take long time to understand The Codex basics.:disappointed_relieved:

But HYPE !


@ClanNatioy I like the way you think about Codex! :smiley:

Discard effects and limiting options for my opponent is how I roll ^^


[Strenth]/Peace/Finesse a.k.a “Smoke on the Water”

Once you get two Drill Sergeants in play, max-band River to make Smoker cost 0, then play, target, bounce, and re-play Smoker an unlimited number of times to generate an unlimited number of +1/+1 runes.

Move them onto a Bird token for flying lethal, or just patrol with multiple 1000/1000 units.


Mine is [Necro]/Blood/Growth.

I usually play the first couple of turns to build up an army of cheap units (skeletons, Bone Collector, Crash Bomber, etc.), and then you have a bunch of options to convert that army into victory:

  • Blood Tech II for the sweet sweet Garth maxband + Crashbarrow + Graveyard combo, using your cheap dudes to man the patrol zone afterward. Dinosizing one of those Crashbarrows is usually impractical, but is great fun if you can pull it off.
  • Growth Tech II, which gives you a win condition both when the cheap guys arrive (Blooming Ancient) and when they attack (Might of Leaf and Claw)
  • Hero strategies like Drakk’s midband and Growth spells can turn your weak dudes into unstoppable monsters
  • All 3 ultimate spells work with the plan too, so any maxed hero is a threat that your opponent needs to respect

I’m still learning how to pilot this deck, but it’s been quite fun so far.


I’ve still not managed to even play Codex yet, but from reading the articles from each spec on, the coolest sounding specs to me are Disease and Future. Truth sounds really interesting too. So if I ever play enough to want to break beyond the monocolour builds, I’d love to try all three together, even though I have no idea if there’s any real synergy there. (It was fun reading the very first post here and finding that Truth and Disease are at least part of a build that a good player likes!)


I think my favourite deck is still Future/Peace/Blood
There’s something satisfying about the inevitability that can be rushed down; like playing green, but with two of my favourite heroes.
I love peace and blood, and future just complements them nicely.

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Being as I’ve only played a little I haven’t locked down anything that I play consistently yet. The specs that catch my eye the most so far though are:

(Not sure how I feel about Discipline, have to play it some and see)
Growth, I feel like it is an easy spec to add to anything creature reliant.
Disease, I just really like the idea of spreading the minuses.

There are a few others but I think those will be the ones I fiddle with the most initially. Who knows what combination they will end up in. I kind of like the idea of a Growth/Disease deck but feel like it might be a little redundant, with giving you a minus and giving me a plus being roughly the same thing. What do you think?

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Growth tends to focus the growth and disease tends to spread the minus. I think they can be complimentary.

I like [Necro]/Blood/Growth, but I wonder how Blood/Disease/Growth would work… Or maybe Growth/Disease/Peace.

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