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What's The Play? - Peace meets Peace

It’s been a crazy game. Your Peace engine is fully established, but your Fire/Blood/Balance opponent has been burning your base and playing Moment’s Peace, and you are now down to 1 hp. This is probably your last turn, so you better make the most of it.

You are facing:

Base - 16 hp

SQL - L1 Midori (2/3 + 1)

Moment’s Peace in effect, you cannot attack with units
Jaina and Drakk both available to summon next turn, and 5 cards in hand.

You have (playing Peace/Present/Future):

Base - 1 hp
Tech 1, Tech 2 Peace
Onimaru and Vir available to summon
10 workers, 0 floating gold

L3 Geiger (2/4)
Overeager Cadet
Overeager Cadet
Knight of the Conclave
Knight of the Conclave
Building Inspector
Traffic Director
Drill Sergeant (3/3)
Drill Sergeant (4/4) [1 rune]
Flagstone Garrison
Flagstone Garrison

Temporal Distortion
Spectral Aven
Lawful Search
Elite Training

No cards in deck or discard pile

Note that there is an error in this puzzle that renders it unsolvable, my apologies to everyone who was flummoxed. If you still want to try to solve it, errata Tricycloid to have the additional ability: “Remove a +1/+1 rune from Tricycloid: deal 1 damage to a unit, hero, or building.”

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uhhh, is this one of those “there is a way to win” thread or just a “do your best” ones?

Does the opponent really have no tech buildings? That changes a lot.

It wouldn’t matter, so i suspect he just didn’t list them.

No matter what you do to his board, if he is alive, all he has to do is summon Jaina and cast any fire spell.

If there is no tech building I wont kill midori and opponent cannot bring jaina to do fire spell.
I will put spectral aven in patrol to stop max midori from flying to my base.then put weak units in patrolling so that he doesnt suicide midori to bring jaina.
With the cards at hand I managed to generate about 8 plus runes.
If I survive I will generate another 8 plus runes next turn and give them to traffic director (who i didnt patrol) to deal lethal

Midori can still cast Scorch.

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Let’s just say you destroyed his Hero’s Hall and Tech 1 last turn (which put his base to 16), and he didn’t bother to re-build them, which strongly implies that he knew he would draw Pillage or Scorch in his current hand.

The only one that can attack is geiger and sadly couldnt reach 16 damage. Even if I did, I cant see any card that would remove midori from patrol this turn.
Arrest only works on units.
Is it a win this turn question?
Very interesting.


Oh man, I thought I’d solved it, but forgot an important restriction on Drill Sergeant. Here was my first thought.

edit: haha, I also end up casting two off-color spells so this doesn’t work at all. RIP.

[details=Summary]Tech: Promise of Payment, Debilitator Alpha

  • Get 10 Gold
  • Play Spectral Aven (8)
  • Draw Promise of Payment, Debilitator Alpha
  • Add 1 rune to each Drill Sergeant (total 3)
  • Use Promise of Payment to play Debilitator Alpha (8)
  • Add 1 rune to each Drill Sergeant (total 5)
  • Play Temporal Distortion on Debilitator Alpha, putting Tri-Cycloid into play, and D. Alpha into hand (6)
  • Tri-Cycloid shoots Midori 3 times, leaving him at 1 HP
  • Play D. Alpha (1)
  • Draw two cards (shuffle discard and draw) which are Promise of Payment and Temporal Distortion
  • Add 1 rune to each Drill Sergeant (total 7)
  • Use Promise of Payment to play Temporal Distortion on Tri-Cycloid, putting another Tri-Cycloid into play, and Tri-Cycloid into hand (1)
  • Tri-Cycloid uses 2 tokens on opponents base, bringing it to 14
  • Tri-Cycloid uses 1 token on Midori, killing him
  • Geiger gets 2 levels, reaching maxband, targeting flickering Tri-Cycloid
  • Tri-Cycloid deals 3 damage to opponents base, bringing it to 12

Narrator Voice It was at this point mysticjuicer realized that he couldn’t put Drill Sergeant +1/+1 runes on heroes.

  • Use Lawful Search on opponent’s hand to determine if they have lethal using direct damage (0)

If they don’t, you win next turn I guess.[/details]



[details=Summary]i didnt account for drill sergent too. Ops.

Also I didnt consider teching new cards . I dont have time to find new solution on lights of these two hints:weary:[/details]

The best thing I could find is 9 damage to base and a dead Midori. (also, as it turns out, illegal play)

Tech Tricycloid and Promise of Payment
Get Paid - ($10)
Spectral Aven, reshuffle, draw 2 cards (Tricycloid and Promise of Payment) ($8)
Promise of Payment
Tricycloid for free (draw no cards since you can only reshuffle your deck once per main phase)
Tricycloid shoots 3 shots at the base (13 HP left)
Geiger 3->5, maxband on Tricycloid ($6)
Tricycloid shoots 3 shots at the base (10 HP left)
Geiger casts Temporal Distortion on Tricycloid, put the other Tricycloid from you codex into play.
Tricycloid does another 3 damage to the base (7 HP left)
Onimaru ($4)
Onimaru casts Elite Training on Geiger and something else. ($2)
Geiger kills Midori taking 1 damage after armor.[/details]


You can’t play tricycloid from hand because you went Tech II Peace and don’t have a Tech lab

[details=Summary]Ah yeah… you’re right :weary:
Also, I think we both forgot we need Vir to play Promise of Payment.

edit: added another point


Hmm. Vyrr would let us put a card from hand on our draw pile, but doing so costs 3 gold on top of everything else we want to do, and we can only TD two tricycloids total. So unfortunately I think that’s a red herring.

Woops! Double-wrecked.

I… Don’t think it’s possible.
Once I realised Ready or Not can’t target heroes, I figured the damage has to come purely from hero attacks.
(I’d already written off tricycloid as being infeasible for many reasons.)

So assuming each hero only attacks once, that requires two Now!s and including elite training, you get 13 damage.
If you forgo a Now! for a Boot Camp to move Midori, then you only get 10 damage, and still lack 6. Trying to bring in General’s Hammer limits your damage more, because then you’re giving up either haste or sidelining.

So in conclusion… I don’t see any way possible to do either twenty damage purely from heroes and two techs or sixteen damage from heroes and one tech (because Boot Camp).

I think it’s impossible, and you lose. Commit Sudoku with Generals Hammer.


Commit SUDOKU ?!:joy:

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Sepuku :stuck_out_tongue:

Bless you. hands you a tissue

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If we can’t win this turn, best thing to do is Lawful Search opponent’s hand to determine if they have lethal on their next turn via direct damage, but also tech in such a way that we have lethal assuming they have anything else, including another moment’s peace. So Heroes Hall, patrol Aven in lookout, tech in Now! to make sure we can swing with all 3 heroes next turn, etc?