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What's The Play? - Now, we end this!

It’s the endgame of a long and arduous match, but you should be able to win this turn… the only question is, how?

Your Position (playing Past/Peace/Anarchy)

All heroes available to summon

Overeager Cadet (3/2)
Hardened Mox (2/1)
Nullcraft (1/1)
Calypso Vystari (3/2)

Base - 20; Tech 1 - 5; Tech 2 - 5; Spec: Peace
Flagstone Garrison - 4
Flagstone Garrison 2 - 4

Battle Suits (already included in above stats)
10 workers, 0 gold (only starter deck cards have been used for workers)

Hand (5):
Chaos Mirror
Fading Argonaut
Temporal Research
Origin Story
Maximum Anarchy

Deck (1):
Surprise Attack

Discard (3):
Gunpoint Taxman
Gunpoint Taxman
Overeager Cadet

Your opponent is playing Demon/Necro/Finesse, and has this board position:

Leader: Void Blocker (2/6 +1)
Scavenger: Skeleton Token (1/1)
Technician: L7 Garth (3/4)
Lookout: Skeleton Token (1/1)

Base: 10 hp
Buildings: Tech 1 (5), T2 Demon (5), Hero Hall (4)
Units/Heroes: River L3 (2/1), with Two-Step on Bone Collector (5/2) and Javelineer (3/3)

Plus some cards in hand, but this one is a “win this turn” challenge.


Zane (8)
Chaos Mirror, switches attack of BC and Mox (6)
Exhaust Calypso to sideline Voidblocker
Nullcraft kills River, Zane to L3
Mox kills Garth, Zane to L5
Maxband Zane, drag scavenger skeleton to technician and killing it, draw SA (5)
Surprise Attack (0)
Cadet kills lookout skeleton
Zane + Sharks kill base[/details]

Was a fun little puzzle to figure out, with a few red herrings sprinkled here and there :slight_smile:

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In that case, here is what I got.

[details=Summary]Get 10 gold (10)
Play Zane (8)
Play Chaos Mirror, swapping Garth and Cadet’s power. Cadet becomes a 4/2 after Suits (6)
Calypso sidelines Voidblocker.
Cadet trades with Garth, Zane goes to level 3.
Nullcraft takes out River, Zane goes to level 5.
Pay 1 gold to max Zane, using his trigger to move the Scavenger Skeleton to Technician and taking it out. Draw Surprise Attack from Zane’s ability (5).
Play Surprise Attack. (0)
Mox takes out Lookout Skeleton.
Zane and sharks deal a lethal 10 to the base.[/details]

Edit: funny enough, @feathers and I have 1 difference that doesn’t change the outcome at all, but his leaves a better board behind.

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how did your null craft attack twice?[/details]

Second attack was suppose to be Mox, must have made the mistake when I typed it out for my second post.

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