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What's the Play? - Gunship Ahoy!

Playing mono-red against mono-blue, you’ve come to the late game, and just need to hold on one more turn to be able to sneak in the last bit of base damage. Your assets are:

Makeshift Rambaster in play
All 3 Heroes available to summon
Base: 10 hp; Tech 1: 3 hp; Tech 2 (Anarchy): 5 hp; Tech 3 - destroyed
10 workers, 1 gold

Hand (5):
Ember Sparks
Gunpoint Taxman
Crash Bomber

Deck (2):
Pirate Gunship
Disguised Monkey

Discard (6):
Nautical Dog
Blood Lust
Chaos Mirror
Disguised Monkey

Opponent’s Board:

SQL - Spectral Hound (4/4 +1)
Lookout - Spectral Flagbearer (3/3)

Macciatus, The Whisperer (3/3)
Reteller of Truths (4/4)

10 workers, 0 gold.
Base at 7 hp; Tech 1 - 5hp; Tech 2 (Truth) - 5hp
4 cards in hand, 1 in deck, 5 in discard
Quince and Bigsby will be available to summon on his next turn.

You also saw your opponent use Jurisdiction for a Free Speech on an earlier turn, but haven’t seen any other spells yet.


Oh boy, I love these![quote=“EricF, post:1, topic:1640”]
Quince and Bigsby will be available to summon on his next turn.
[/quote]Where is Onimaru? Was the Jurisdiction used earlier in this cycle, or in a previous cycle? Probably previous, or else we’d be under the effects of Free Speech now, right?

Yes, in a previous cycle, you are not currently suffering from Free Speech.

Onimaru suicided on the opponent’s previous turn, so he won’t be available.



StartingHand Workers

Crash Bomber
Gunpoint Taxman
Ember Sparks



Disguised Monkey
Pirate Gunship
Nautical Dog
Disguised Monkey

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid + Float - ($11)
Drakk to lvl 4 - ($6)
Lobber - ($5)
Crash Bomber - ($4)
Kidnapping, can’t target flagbearer, steal Spectral Hound, becomes a 4/3 under my control - ($0)
Lobber kills Flagbearer
Rambaster and Hound deal 8 to base, GG


That’s a clever solution - and I suspect unique, my own attempts kept being frustrated by one point or another.

My main takeaway from this is that Kidnapping is not actually very good against illusions (since you just kill something rather than take control of it), and that if your opponent has access to it, Macciatus may actually hinder you rather than help you! Not a very widely applicable point in every game, perhaps, but certainly something to bear in mind if playing either side of red vs blue. (Or actually anything involving blood vs truth.)

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I found a solution that was very similar to that, but I just spent the extra gold on Drakk rather than playing the Crash Bomber.

I know my opponent has no haste, so it’s just a matter of patrolling well. So I’d say…



  1. Get paid (+$10, ($11)
  2. Rebuild Tech 3 ($11)
  3. Summon Gunpoint Taxman ($9)
  4. Summon Crash Bomber ($8)
  5. Summon Lobber ($7)
  6. Summon Drakk ($5)
  7. Cast Kidnapping on Flagbearer ($0)
  8. Lobber and flagbearer kill hound
  9. Patrol stuff in squad leader scavenger and technician

Next turn, gunship and kill.

Was this just a Red Herring, or did this have any very specific relevant information to it?

Well, it makes Bomber’s answer not the best, since there is a chance you die after passing the turn, depending on exactly which spells your opponent has in hand.

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How could blue kill off that board? I can’t imagine a way without suuuper specific set up.
Dreamscape + Boot Camp?? Even that’s not enough. General’s Hammer too??


This doesn’t quite appear to work, Lobber deals 2, Flagbearer deals 2, hound has 4+A. Flagbearer loses the +1 from macciatus when he switches sides.

I agree, I don’t see any possible hand for blue to break through. That said pretty sure mine is still better :smiley:

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Injunction on Tech 1 disables everything you have but Drakk and Rambaster (which can’t patrol.) Boot Camp can exhaust Drakk, removing him from Patrol. That’s 8 gold - 2 for Bigby, 2 for Jurisdiction (for Boot Camp) 1 for Boot Camp, 3 for Injunction. Manufactured Truth can turn any one-drop or cheaper from hand (for instance, the Spectral Hound that bounced last turn) into a copy of Makeshift Rambaster.

Then Rambaster-lite, Reteller, and Macciatus kill your base.

The worst-case scenario for Blue is that he Injunctions your Tech 3 using Jurisdiction (total cost 7 gold including Bigby), replays the Hound, uses Macciatus and Reteller to kill a bunch of your stuff (probably Taxman and Drakk unless Crash Bomber is Squad Leader), and then patrols Hound, makes a worker, and floats a gold.

Hmm. Although that might still be a win if you draw your second Disguised Monkey. That plus the damage from the Crash Bomber kills his base. But that’s also assuming that Blue has nothing else in hand at all that’s useful in this situation, and is strictly playing things we know he has based on the very limited public information.

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You cannot injunction tech 3.

Admittedly though I forgot about injunction. Slightly more reasonable.
And in my example I would have to suicide rambaster into hound to kill it anyway, I just forgot.

Boot camp isn’t available with Oni suicide, so even injunction doesn’t get to a lethal strike.

Jurisdiction can cast other hero’s spells.

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Of course, I wasn’t thinking.

This is interesting.
Is this thread a one time thing or a series of puzzle threads?

It’s a series of questions, some of which are “win now” puzzles and some are just “what’s the best thing to do here”

Use the Search feature to look for all the threads with “What’s the Play?” In the title.


I really like this series. I hope you continue to do them.