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What's the Play? - Abominable Showman

Today’s What’s The Play comes from the CAWS round 4 zhavier vs. Jadiel game

You are playing Necro/Blood/Truth, looking at this position on your Turn 6:

In Play:

  • L3 Drakk (1/3)
  • :heart: Base HP: 20
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Blood)

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 5
    Hooded Executioner
    Thieving Imp
    Pestering Haunt

  • Deck: 1
    Bone Collector

  • Disc: 7
    Bone Collector
    Sacrifice the Weak
    Captured Bugblatter
    Doom Grasp


  • Gold: 1 (from Scavenger dying)
  • Workers: 9

Command Zone:
Garth on cooldown
Quince available to summon

Your opponent has:
Board Info:
In Patrol:

  • :psblueshield: Squad Leader: Abomination (6/6+A)
  • :psfist: Elite:
  • :ps_: Scavenger:
  • :pschip: Technician: L1 Orpal (1/3)
  • :target: Lookout:
    In Play:


  • :heart: Base HP: 18
  • :heart: Tech I HP: 5
  • :heart: Tech II HP: 5 (Disease)

Economy Info:

  • Hand: 3
  • Deck: 9
  • Disc: 0
  • Gold: 1
  • Workers: 10

Feel free to check out the original thread for details of how this board position came about.

It’s the very start of your Turn 6, you need to tech in 2 cards, and then decide, “What’s the Play?”


This should be interesting!

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What I Immediately thought of when I saw this game

Tech Glider x 2

Boost Exec, removing Abom (5)
Barrow kills orpal and overpows tech 2, Drakk to 5 (2)
Worker Haunt (1)
Drakk kills tech 2, base to 16

DC 2 Draw 4

Aim is to max Quince + Mirror + 2x Gliders ftw

Really though, this is a dominant position I could see a lot of things working from. As long as Aboms are off the table, Gliders rule the roost, and with Kidnapping and DG and also available I find it hard to imagine not being able to keep the tech 2 down.

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It seemed pretty important to get the second crashbarrow into the deck rather than the shoddy Gliders. I was also thinking that if I ever missed keeping tech 2 down, shoddy gliders would be nullified. And Doom grasp has the complication when you try to kill the Abom, you can’t use the token skeleton, so the goal becomes limiting their units to just the abom so that sac or hooded can kill it. And kidnapping the abom usually doesn’t end up with the abomination dead because it is so much bigger than everything else.


I like the tech choices you ended up making, much safer, and I didn’t think about Doom Grasp not really being an out b/c no skeletons. I agree that in light of that Gliders are too risky. That said, like I pointed out getting the tech 2 meant it was basically game anyway, as evidenced by Jadiel’s surrender. You couldn’t go too wrong :wink:

Kidnapping was more about getting the abom out of the way / using it for direct base attack yourself, as you’re reaching critical mass of kill the base. Agree that a second barrow makes that much more possible though. Maybe Land Octopus would be better than PGC though? With Drakk maxbanded, it helps seal a tech 2 lock pretty nicely

[details=My turn aka Ore no turn!]
tech: crashbarrow+shoddy glider
Worker haunt (9)
boosted HE (4) getting rid of the yeti
Crashbarrow (1) killing orpal and dealing 3 OP dmg to tech II, drakk LV 5
Drakk kills tech II.
Disc 2 draw 1 rs draw 3. next turn maxband quince, make a second mirror and either CBx2 or CB+Glider with their mirro bros, ofc[/details]


PGC was just a throwaway tech. I considered Octo first, but thought I might want the PGC more, if I was having trouble getting to his base. There was an outside chance I would get in trouble with the tech choices I hadn’t seen.

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Everyone seems to agree with the line zhavier took in the actual game. EricF sometimes (generally?!?) posts these when he thinks a player missed lethal. If there is lethal here, I can’t see it, but you can get close:

Tech 2xCrash Bomber
Get paid + SCAV ($10)
Midband Drak ($9)
Kidnapping on Abom ($5)
Crashbarrow ($2)
Crashbarrow kills Orpal, Overpower to base (down to 15), Drakk maxbands
Abom hits base (down to 8)
Drakk hits base (down to 5)
Executioner ($0)
Patrol Executioner in TECH

Discard 2, draw 1, rs, draw 3

This gives you a pretty good chance to finish the game next turn. Anyone see any other way to do another 5 damage?

[details=Jadiel]idk what he played, was not following the actual game.
I too cannot see lethal here. your play is imho bad since abomination is still alive and can attack. plus if he draws and play a secon Abomination CB dies as soon as it is summoned :confused: [/details]


I don’t think the play is bad at all since he has also teched bugblatter on a previous turn. Draak, crashbomber x2, and bugblatter against a low health base is pretty much GG(barring an explosive counter offensive).

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again, i would not play bugb if abomn is alive. If he summons another even bgb dies


who cares if it dies immediately when summoned? My point is that play puts his base so low that you can leverage unit death to kill the base. He can have all the abominations he wants but it won’t change anything.


This was the line I was looking at. You missed an important detail, which is that the Executioner has haste because Drakk is maxband, which can bring his base down to 2. The Abomination will get to swing at you again next turn, but I think that’s relatively irrelevant. Your board is then max Drakk and Executioner facing down an Abomination, and you win if Drakk + 1 Crash Bomber or 2x Crash Bomber die before he does 20 damage to your base. Given that your opponent is mono-Black, I don’t think he can do that.


that si wrong. HE does not have haste, cuz the first unit sumoned is crashb.

I did consider giving the HE haste instead of using the crashbarrow, but decided it was better to get the two levels from Orpal.

You are claiming that Drakk works as follows:

When he maxbands, the first unit you summoned that turn retroactively gains haste

Rather than:

The first unit summoned each turn while he is at maxband gains haste.

Can anyone else verify that this is how Drakk is supposed to work? If so, everyone I know has been interpreting that wrong forever.

The way Drakk works is:

If he is maxband when the first unit you summon from hand arrives, it gains Haste. Otherwise, it does nothing.


Well, that’s about the last interpretation I’d have expected from the text. Today I learned, I guess.

dude, no offense but your question is answered in the codex database. Check there…

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Most of my games are played in meatspace where that’s not conveniently available, and furthermore we didn’t know we had to check there because we all understood the card in the same (wrong) way. No offense, but chill.