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What Time is Best for Single-Day Events? [Poll]

Hey everyone! I host single day tournaments every once in a while, and they have almost always been on Saturday at 6pm UTC/10am PST. I chose this time because it seemed like a reasonable start time for players in both the US and Europe. However, I’m curious to know if a different time might work better and increase the number of people able to play!

Please indicate ALL TIMES below that you would be able to attend on an average weekend:

  • Same time! (Saturday @ 6pm UTC)
  • Earlier on Saturday! (before 6pm UTC)
  • Later on Saturday! (after 6pm UTC)
  • Different day! (Friday or Sunday)

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If you included a vote for “different day,” feel free to let me know what timespan you think might be best! Thanks!

“Be able to on an average weekend” is all of the above, but I really prefer it the way it is right now. The “different day” is Sundays, I’m busy on Fridays.

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An hour or so later would suit me better. That way I can easily arrange to eat a big enough meal before the tournament starts. But the current start time is not a huge issue for me.

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Well, it looks like there’s a 3-way tie. :laughing:

I think I might experiment with moving the start time up and down slightly and see what happens, then! Thanks to everyone who responded!

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