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What are you playing now?

These are always fun, and can make you want to try new things.

I have tried out two new (ish) games lately, the first being Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight is … actually kinda brilliant. Outside of the perk system, which is horrendous, it is just so … easy to play. Firstly it is a asynchronous game of killer vs survivor. The killer is alone, and is hunting the survivors, he wants to kill them all and he does it by hitting a survivor with his weapon 2 times, at which point the survivor is floored, and the killer then picks up the survivor to hang them from a nearby meat hook. (It is as grusome as it sounds!) When the killer has done this to the 4 survivors, the game is over.

The survivors wants to escape, and to escape, they have to fix 4 out of X amount of generators which are randomly placed around the map. After they have done this, they can open the door to the map to escape.

And while doing all this, both killer and survivor has the same controller scheme, which basically is - and this is the brilliant part - 4 buttons. Left mouse click, shift, control and space (Or, LT, LB, RB and X/A on a controller). This makes understanding the mechanics of the game so extremely easy, and in a somewhat competative game, this is something I have been longing for for a long time (which is also why I hope FSFG is going to be great!).

There are other things you can do within the game that makes it more interesting, like when the killer has picked you off the ground, you can wiggle out of his grip and run away, as the killer you can see “tracks” from survivors who actively run - the tracks lasts for about 10 seconds - you can use a flashlight to blind the killer, which gives you 2-5 seconds of running away, the killer can use traps to trap his opponents.

The next best thing about this game, is how cheap it is. I would guess it is around 12$ to get, so it is well worth the money. So a definitive “should get” for anyone who enjoys asynchronous play, slasher movies from the 80s and 90s, and tense gameplay.

The other game I have been playing lately, is Battlerite. Battlerite is a moba, without all the things that makes mobas boring, but with all the things taht makes mobas fun. So no leveling, no useless creepfarming, just you, a teammate against 2 other heroes with abilities that are ready to use, in a close quarters arena. It is pretty fun, and the controls feels amazing, and it reminds me of a fighting game. It even has timed rounds and plays as a best of five set. It is also very cheap to get.

So what have you played lately, and would you reccomend it?


Games I played in the last 28 days:

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Because I like to play all kinds of different things, my list of games is pretty eclectic.

Currently playing:
Overwatch (PS4)
Rainbow Six: Siege (PS4)
Minecraft: PS4 Edition (…)
Shellshock: Live (PC - Steam)

And I’ll start recording a Let’s Play of XCOM 2 on PS4 featuring the Fantasy Strike Universe tomorrow! Please be excited for this development.

I’d recommend them all, especially Siege if you’re into tactical shooters and get frustrated with Overwatch or other such games. Because of how precise shooting can be (thread the needle between a deployable cover and 2 door frames at an extreme angle to pop a headshot), it actually helped improve my aim for other games!



It’s the WoW Arena game I always wanted


I played an area control abstract called Stratego (or something?) and I hated it because I’m bad.


+1 on Battlerite. Very slick for a game still in early access. Dota without the grinding. Just pure team-fighting action.

Still playing Prismata (poorly, but still playing).


I have played this game. I think that it’s not that fun either.

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BattleRite. All of the BattleRite. You guys should be playing BattleRite.


but I’m playing King of Fighters XIV and Street Fighter V still


Back to playing Heroes of the Storm and having a really great time.

Playing MtG at work again. It’s shit. I think I played ten games in a ROW that were decided by mana issues. Then the ELEVENTH GAME was a real game where we both were able to play several different cards on our turns.

Practicing for a SFV event this weekend and planning to play some Battleright if/when I actually have time.


What’s your CFN name? I’m doctorfedora on there. CaptainFedoraHat on PSN.

Soon you can play Codex at work instead :wink:

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Pokemon Go

…Not go (°皿°)!

Puerto Rico

1day/1month 7hours 5-6games. So hard…
play with Midge11(BSW No.1 Puerto Rico player. Maybe BGA.) and
Faceman (No.2 Puerto Rico player in Japan.) So hard. But fun !



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Love Puerto Rico!

I’m playing a whole bunch of Overwatch and Blood Bowl at the moment

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Bloodbowl tabletop or online?

I’ve been playing on steam but I always find it difficult to find players online.

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Still playing Overwatch. Probably will be for the next 5 years or so.
Loving Forza Horizon 3, gorgeous game.

Think I need to try some Battlerite.

Overwatch and Diablo III.

-Paladins; I’m been getting slightly bored of Overwatch recently so Paladins been keeping my interest in the Hero Shooter genre recently instead of Overwatch. (At least until a new character or a a more aggressive play style meta is pushed on.)
-Battlerites; it’s a damn fine Hero Brawler.
-Enter the Gungeon; Bullet hells and rougelites go hand in hand. And this game does it perfectly.
-Red Dragon Inn; Me and my wife love busting out this game whenever there are people over at the house.

Hard West -

So after a year of being distracted by other things, and couple performance patches later that made it playable on my Mac, finally gotten back to doing the campaign. It’s not as much depth as say Xcom:EU but not many games take place in the Weird Wild West, so its a refreshing take on the TPS genre, and ricocheting bullets to hit enemies behind cover never gets old.

I especially loving the Luck system now, which basically is like a mana bar, but depletes also when attacks miss you (reduced based on the chance to hit. Basically eventually you’ll hit the enemy with enough shots. This makes Fan Fire really awesome on an uncovered target as long as your gun does a lot of damage.) and replemishes with items or you gain the chance to hit as Luck when you are hit.

Oh my GOODNESS yes Enter the Gungeon is precisely what I wanted Binding of Isaac to be

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