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What are you guys planning to use for sleeves

Just pre-ordered core set and will likely use dragon shield black matte sleeves that I have lying around. Not sure if these sleeves will fit into the binders included. What sleeves are you guys planning to use? What sleeve are tried and proven, especially with the codex binders.

I am gonna buy black matte dragon shield too.
KMC seem to be slightly better, but they are hard to find in eu and their price is above avarage.

I had bought a ton of KMC (can confirm they are great) for my Print & Play set and was planning on using those for the deluxe when it arrives. However, the thought of destroying all the work I have out into assembling the PnP now irks me a little. Maybe I can trade it against new sleeves with a friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably KMC Hyper Mat. I got a bunch of the official sleeves though, so maybe those.

Edit: Most people don’t have the codex binder yet so I don’t know what will fit! I heard the binder pockets are deliberately a little looser than normal and the official sleeves are comparable to glossy dragon shields though.

I usually use KMC Perfect Size Sleeves. Absolutely love them!

But this time I will use the Codex Sleeves :sunglasses:
I’m curious to see how the official sleeves’ quality will be compared to the KMC sleeves.

Ahh yes, my next question was gonna be how the codex sleeves compare to dragon shield. I’ve used dragon shields for over a decade for mtg and i just love the thickness of it. Main worry is if the codex binders can fit 2 dragon shield sleeved cards without getting stretched out. Anyone know?

I may need to get some KMC sleeves for the two-sided cards, but otherwise I’m using the Codex ones.

I definitely want to sleeve up my game but I’m waiting on it to arrive first so I can see how everything fits with different sleeves.

Is it crazy to have a small amount of sleeves, and sleeving cards as they come out of the codex into a deck?
Requires far fewer sleeves, but still protects wear on the cards in game.

Not crazy, but would make every game very long, cuz sleeve/unsleeve every time


I suspect they would still get some wear and tear from taking them in and out of the binder. But it would be a lot less sleeves, and a given match is only likely to need to sleeve ~14 tech choice cards per player. Starter decks and Heroes would need to stay sleeved. Still a drastic reduction in sleeves.

Note this basically puts the onus on friends/strangers who are playing with your cards to do the same. Not sure how big a concern that is for you. Personally I’d rather just sleeve everything up and be done with it.


Yeah, you’re probably right.

Who else is paranoid about codex sleeve art wearing out over the years. Then suddenly when I tech a not so popular unit/spell, the sleeve would be in mint condition?! Lol maybe I’m just paranoid.

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Present Tech 3 comes to mind…

Personally, my favorite are Dragon Shield Clear. It still allows you to see the card art well (including backs), but in my opinion & experience, Dragon Shield makes the best quality sleeves (to me, “quality” = “durability”). I have 36 sleeved Magic decks (the most recent was built 4 years ago), with a blend of different brands of sleeves, and the Dragon Shield have held up the best through EXTENSIVE play.

But that is just my opinion… (Yes I will be paying a fair dime for all of those sleeves, but it is that important to me)


My concern about the official Codex sleeves is that a lot of printed image sleeves do wear excessively on the image over time. I’m hoping Sirlin found one of the suppliers that seems to have that down and given the production quality of my Pandante and Yomi sets I suspect he did, but I opted not to find out for myself.

I ordered 1600 clear KMC Hyper Mat sleeves for my 2x deluxe sets.

  • Matte, because I like the feel when shuffling (and it makes mash shuffling super easy no matter who you are, so other people won’t need to manhandle my cards when they play).
  • Clear for the tokens and heroes, because the different backs will make it easy to avoid accidentally putting them in the discard pile, which is presumably why they have different backs in the first place
  • Clear for the Codex/starter deck cards, because I actually want to see the pattern on the card backs. I think the overlapping images will make it much easier to glance down and see how many cards have been workered (compared to a similar fan of identical black rectangles), for one. This one was a hard choice, because opaque sleeves to avoid the appearance of marked cards has been a thing for a long time with other card games.
  • Everything the same across both Deluxe sets, in case they need to be mixed/matched due to multiple players and overlapping spec choices.

Also, getting only clear matte sleeves leaves me with plenty but not excessive extras (a little under 100, if my numbers on all the tokens are right) while allowing me to buy in the sorts of round numbers that discounted bulk orders require (20 packs at 80/pack). It was definitely cheaper than 16 boxes of official Codex sleeves.

I might get some non-matte clear sleeves for the handful of truly double-sided cards (workers, dancers, and I think that’s it?), but I’ll probably just deal with the 5x side of the workers and the angry dancers being slightly hazier through the clear matte back.

I’ve spent way too much time thinking about Codex storage, both sleeves and how to condense a set into a reasonably portable form (I’ve kept my print-and-play set in my briefcase for the last few months and the convenience has spoiled me, but it’s unsleeved and took up little space, since it’s just printed on some basic card stock). When my copy shows up I’ll report on how well some of the various sleeves I have fit in the binder if anyone wants to know. I’ve got a box of Dragon Shield Mattes, and a really old box of the non-mattes, as well as some Ultra Pros (I’ve never really had issues with them with MtG cards since I play casually and relatively infrequently, but the stupid holograms covering up words on the Codex cards made me start this whole adventure). I also have some of the KMC Perfect Size sleeves, so I can test double-sleeved as well, although that’s not a thing I plan to do.


My print-on-demand beta cards are in KMC Hyper Mattes and the slight blurriness on Dancers and 5x Workers is not a big deal imo.

Definitely curious about the fits.

At first I over-read that you had 2 deluxe sets and thought my calculations have been wrong. :scream:
So far I hoped I can sleeve everything with 800 sleeves.

But you mentioned two sets so our calculations are the same :relieved: