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What are some uneven matchups in 1 Hero vs 1 Hero mode?

One of the issues I come across when getting semi-casual gamers to play a complicated game like Codex is that they tend to start much lower on the learning curve than someone like myself, who has been following this game since prior to its release. The challenge when playing against newbies is that if they just lose all they time or feel like they’re steamrolled, most just get frustrated, want to do something else, and never have a chance to develop an interest in the game.

I’ve been playing 1 spec vs 1 spec mode with friends for starters, and thought a good way to address the above issue might be to play matchups where one spec (played by myself) is at a significant disadvantage to another (played by them). The idea is that this will keep the game more interesting to both of us, and give my friend a chance to figure out how the game works while hopefully not feeling like they never had a chance.

What would be some good specs to do this with?


Play as Truth vs. something that can easily target your Illusions (for example, Fire, Peace, or Disease).

Or play as Future against pretty much anything (and show them Assimilate before the game starts, so they know to avoid Upgrades and Buildings).

Also, Growth is pretty strong against anything but Balance, Past, Blood, or any of the White heroes.


As Eric suggested, Black starter kicks Truth’s butt, you could try Garth or Vandy vs Quince.

Growth is also pretty good against Truth, since midband Arg kills something every turn.

And doesn’t cost a card.

midori vs most things?