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Welcome, go ahead and post new threads and content

Hi and welcome to the new forums. Let’s add content that has to do with our games. Go ahead and post whatever makes it a better place. These forums will replace the forums eventually.

You might import existing content from the old forums. That includes guides, lists of resources, videos, streams, etc. Be aware that any post can be made into a “wiki”, which allows anyone to edit it. We can create some threads that are just one wiki post, then close the thread to further posts if that helps. Ask a moderator if you’re not able to set a post to be a wiki.

You could post anything fun, like fan art, lighthearted threads that have to do with our games, experiences playing our games, pictures of you playing or whatever.



Here are some tips about spoiler tags.

[spoiler]Hidden text goes here[/spoiler]
will make this:

Hidden text goes here

To hide a long block of information in just one line, you can use this code:

<details><summary>Title of the long text block</summary>
First line of content.
Second line.
Third line.

to produce this:

Title of the long text block First line of content. Second line. Third line.

Will the browser version of the game also carry over to

Nope. As Leontes explains over on, when the changeover is complete, the browser version of the game will be discontinued. Browsers hate Unity Web player, actually.

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Ah! I didn’t see the announcement over at ^^ allrighty then!

It will not, thanks scymrian for the help!

But yeah, I will be helping our competitive players transition over to the Steam version in any way I can.

We’d love for you to support us by purchasing the Steam version of the game, but alternative methods will be winning keys for participating in Yomi tournaments or simply asking me in private if you need. I am trying to compile some data on our active browser players and see if I can preemptively reach out to them, but if I miss you and you need help getting keys, just let me know.

EDIT: Also yay you are neigutten again


Not gonna lie, this is some very sexy forum software.

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[quote=“Sirlin, post:1, topic:37, full:true”]You might import existing content from the old forums.
[/quote]Is it possible to import whole threads from the old forums? How does it work?

Ctrl-C and its friend Ctrl-V

[quote=“snoc, post:10, topic:37, full:true”]
Ctrl-C and its friend Ctrl-V
[/quote]I mean, how does it really work? Do I use the New Topic function? I can’t figure it out.

I like that you are using Discourse for the forum software right now. The overall experience the next few months will be useful for me as well in determining if Discourse is what I want to use for forum software for my own game products eventually.

Yeah, new topic, select category (~= subforum), whack your text in, and wait for the likes.

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