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Weird tournament idea

I was thinking a few minutes ago and had a crazy idea. What if, to win the set, your goal was try to intentionally lose the individual games? So the strongest characters would be the ones who can best shoot them selves in the foot. I know full well how stupid this idea is, but I figured it might be funny. Call it “Troq’s thrown games” or something like that. Is this something that anyone would even consider wanting to try? Could this even work at all for that matter?

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It feels like this would lend itself to stall tactics, except maybe by Gloria. Like, optimal strategy is just block until your deck runs out, so that you can’t possibly damage your opponent.

However, what if we apply the slowest horse race fix, and say that your goal is for your character to lose, but that each of you plays the opponents character. Or, maybe that’s just the Take This challenge from the tournament planning thread?


Like I said, I wasn’t sure it would even work. Just thought it was an interesting idea.