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Weekly Community Casuals

We’ve been seeing an influx of new and returning players lately, and people are hanging around in casuals often enough that I think we could try and make it a regular event, similar to the Friday Night Fights. This would be an event where no commitment is required, no one is obligated to drop by. It’s simply a way to find the largest common denominator of free time, make it easy to get as many people playing and chatting together as possible and provide a reliable period for casual matches.

The current time is set at 10:00am Saturday CST. Anyone is free to come play or spectate. There are no rules in place, though an oft-adopted casuals tradition is for the winner to stay while a spectator tags in after each match.

If you feel that the time doesn’t work for you, feel free to post which days/hours you’d be available on. The current time is chosen because it’s around when many of the current day-to-day players often show up, but we could discuss alternatives if that would suit the needs of more people.

Hope to see you all around!


Quick reminder that the first session is happening now!

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Casuals are happening now!

Casuals session is up now!