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Wednesday Casuals

Greetings sirlingamesters!

The next new fun Yomi idea is coming up right here. Wednesday Casuals! The idea is pretty basic, Wednesdays will be an unofficial gathering point for Yomi Casuals matches.

Try to log on at some point during Wednesday and either put up a casual battle room or join one if its there and battle! That’s it. Spectate or stream if that’s your thing- but I’m encouraging you to play and test your metal.

As for myself, I’ll aim to be in the Yomi lobby at about noon, and maybe later around 10 pm (timezone utc-5).

Tell your friends! tell your enemies! glhf!


This is the kind of thing I think we should have with every Sirlin game! Though it might be hard with Flash Duel and Pandánte now, and Codex is getting a lot of play already, so maybe just this and Puzzle Strike. Still! It would be wonderful if we could play both of them casually on a weekly basis, so I’ll try to join you tomorrow.

By the way, it’s “mettle,” not “metal.” Son of an editor, can’t help myself! :wink:

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No, @hamvvar was correct. We will all be playing Onimaru and spend the whole day smacking our swords into each others armor to see who has the best suit. BBB will be on hand to run tests on the battered metal and judge.


Wednesday is a good day for me.
I also appreciate the EU-friendliness of you hosting around noon. :slight_smile:
I’m very likely to show up tomorrow.


But I don’t have the Shadows characters… :cry:

I suppose kunai/shuriken are made of metal. Does that count?


…we’ll allow it.


totally. but just to be clear, anytime is good, anyone can host!

it’s “mettle,” not “metal.”

I really did know that

To be fair I want to use Onimaru, since I like his theme a lot and he looks fun to play. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been in my university’s kendo club for a while…

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Is the Yomi Steam sale still going on…? :wink:

No, it only lasted during the Fall Sale. The Winter Sale has started, but Yomi and Puzzle Strike aren’t part of it. Don’t worry about me though! I’m sure I’ll enjoy participating whether or not I get the Shadows characters beforehand.

Edit: A kind person on these forums gave me the Shadows characters as an early Christmas gift, so I can now properly test both my mettle and my metal with all of you!


So the first round was fun, punched a CMB in the face with my righteous fist of justice :quince:
We had about 3-5 people there and I’ll be back at 10.

Btw, the official zane mateing ritual goes something like this:
One zane gets KD’edded
Crash bomb–> mixup normal
Mixup normal <–Crash bomb
Crash bomb–> mixup normal
Mixup normal<–crash bomb



I’ve got a little bit of time to play a game or two, if anyone is interested. I’ll be trying a character I haven’t used before, so keep in mind I’ll almost certainly play terribly (especially since I haven’t played much Yomi in general).

Edit: Sorry, change of plans. I may have time later, but not right now.

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I’m keeping a game open right now.

I was just able to get one game in a few minutes ago, but I had to quit after the first game. If my opponent sees this, sorry for leaving so suddenly! I’m not comfortable with the Yomi interface yet, so I accidentally left the game completely when I didn’t mean to.

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@mysticjuicer, if Midori wins a throw clash with a 9.8 speed throw, am I allowed to say “the tennist of throws”?

I mean… for the other guy, yeah.

Played against a new player, @TimeZero, in Wednesday Casuals. Thanks for the games! Welcome to the game.

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