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Variant idea question

Aside from component reasons, what kinds of consequences would result removing the “2 copies of each card in your Codex” limitation? As in, if you wanted to tech copies of the same copy every turn, would it break the game?

My guess is that the quickest consequence would be degenerate games that spam the most powerful/efficient cards, that are currently reined in by there only being two of them. Some cards would also become much better, e.g. ones that normally get trashed. For example, if I have Blood in my deck, I can tech in a few Crashbarrows, then repeatedly add copies of Desperation to ensure I always have all of my Crashbarrows in hand if Drakk is alive.


Would it be better if it were units only but spells, upgrades, etc kept the restriction?

Then you could still just fill the deck with crashbarrows

Or overeager cadets


Vandy Challenge: Win by only dealing damage to base with Dark Pact. (Prior to the the idea about only units being unlimited.)

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Pretty sure that one would require so much control that literally any constraint could be fulfilled. Which makes it not an interesting puzzle.

I’m not so sure… If you have enough dark pacts in your deck, you can just vividly draw them and kill in one turn

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Overeager Cadets…Flagstone Garrisons…Drill Sergeants…


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Two garrisons is enough.

Four Drill Sergeants, however…


For maximum hilarity, play a bazillion Rickety Mines.

EDIT: also, I feel like Shoddy Glider is probably the better pick for repeatable Blood unit.

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Lobbers seem like a fine answer. Convert gold to building damage but make it hasty.

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Temporal distortion becomes quite good as its normal limitation is that it runs out of units to tech in, would have to win quickly though before ur stuffed deck comes back to bite you