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Useless joke combos

The wildest dreams thread got me thinking. I’m not as knowledgeable about crazy combos, but I can see really dumb stupid combos that only hurt you
ie promise of payment into grappling hook

Playing DeGrey with Feral and Truth


Remind me again what Snapshot does.

he is either talking about Grappling Hook or Snapback. The first moves patrollers around and doesnt cost anything, the second bounces an opposing hero and puts a different opposing hero into play.

I meant grappling hook. I’m tired and garbled my card names

Promise of Payment + Slow Time Generator could be pretty bad.

You have to save at least 1 when you end the turn and the opponent has to not take it.

Promise of Payment + Nothing is just as bad as Promise of Payment + 0 coster.


Terras Q + Midori Midband


Slightly less of a combo, though.

Abomination surely has lots of potential for (accidental or deliberate) self-sabotage. Definitely not a good plan if going for Skeletal Lord, for example :smiley: Also not great with Blood (get 2 of them out and suddenly your Crashbarrows are useless, and even with 1 you have no access to Shoddy Gliders).

Although now I think of it, you can actually combine all 3 specs for a great combo - have 2 Bugblatters out with a bunch of skeletons, build a Disease tech lab, and then play Abomination for a ton of base damage :smiley: Bugblatter+skeletons I think has some synergy anyway, so it’s maybe not as ridiculously unlikely a combo as it first sounds. (Maybe I should try this deck in the next tournament now…)


Promise of Payment + Lich’s Bargain when you only have 2 or fewer workers


Abominatin is a bit more difficult of a mass kill then other options. But it does leave a big fatty to defend afterwards, so sure!

Are you sure about that? My intuition is that the warlocks summoned for the opponent are not “yours,” so your Midori would not boost them. Paging @sharpobject

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Absolutely . the warlocks are controlled by the opponent and your midori midband dont concern them

Would be the same if the opponent had the midband midori, then.

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Yea TerraQ while opponent has midband midori and maxband drakk.
Perfect combo to give 4 3/2s to your opponent
Opponent also has maxband argagarg and you used graves ability to see his hand so you know he has Stampede and Wardrums

Correction: midori’s midband will not work when the units get frenzy from drakk.
And warlocks are originally 0/1.


Wouldn’t the Warlocks be 2/2, since without any buffs they’re 0/1? Midori gives +1/+1, Drakk gives frenzy 1.

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Oh. I thought they were 1/1

Since drakk give them frenzy, midori midband wont work.
So they will effectively be just sad 1/1 units on opponent turn.

Yeah, I learned that from experience once…

Right, generally the player who does not control Terras Q would need to have Midori if we wanted to buff some warlocks

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Would Midori’s power still work after they get Frenzy from Drakk?

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No. I will edit my post to avoid confusing people