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Unusual Tournament Idea

I had an idea for a tournament. Instead of picking your character while the opponent picks theirs double blind, each player picks the opponent’s character double blind. If you lose you may change the opponent’s character but not your own. I know the double blind part would probably be logistically problematic, but does the idea sound interesting to anyone?

I’d run it (my bar is low). It’s a little like the Take This Challenge proposal from a while back (which hasn’t gotten much traction in the voting).

The initial double-blind could be done by sending a message to the TO during the scheduling phase… or just by gentleman’s agreement at character select.

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The name could be “Choose to Lose” or “Jaina’s Self-Destructive Picks.”

“By Mistress’s Command”?


Pick Your Poison is already named after a Persephone power though. Jaina should have a turn

Lum’s got 2 as well. I just think that “pick something for your opponent to do” is very Pers flavored.


Okay ten chars