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Ultra street fighter 2

So, capcom is finally building upong HDR!

That said, do you think they are gonna pee on sirlin balance and controls contributions, or keep them?

It’s hard to say. I’ve never played HDR (or SF2, actually) but regardless of whether Sirlin did an objectively great job or not on it, a lot of people seem to be up in arms about the changes (possibly any changes?).

I could see why Capcom would reverse the changes for publicity’s sake.

yeah, and that would be the worst thing, mainly because sirlin mod’s made it much more playable on a pad, and it would be really helpful to have these changes on switch’s tiny pads

Justin Wong apparently got some playtime with it and he’s been tweeting. Sounds like there are some balance changes, but they aren’t all the same as HDR. Sagat does have the good tiger knee motion; you can tech throws (it sounds like JWong means throw techs are like they are in SF4 now as opposed to traditional throw softening?) which is a massive change; chun-li can’t store super (but balrog can??) and no more fake fireball for Ryu. Bound to be lots of others.

Sounds like they’re using more SF5-esque sound effects for the hits, no more wet towel slaps when you smack someone in the face with a kick :’(

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i’m not sure i’m sold on a ono-redesigned sf2.

ugh, did they really add 2 button throws to sf2?

looked at the tweets.

i’ve got no words.