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UK Fantasy Strike Meetup! 29/10/16

(I’m crossposting this to all three forums, please forgive)

Heeeey British boys and girls!
@Plum @snoc @thehug0naut @Fenrir (and @Attilian might be interested I guess?)

Do you want to meet me? And hang out with fellow British folks and play Sirlin games?
If yes, read on!

I’m coming to your country, and I want to play games with you!

The current date set is the 29th of October, on a Saturday.

Location not yet confirmed. Possibilities so far: London or Birmingham.

I will be bringing my Codex Deluxe set and a selection of my Yomi characters.

Come and meet the one and only Checkmate Salter and play some sweet Sirlin games.
Tell your friends, let’s make it happen!


You animal! I’m only cross-replying on two of them:

Depending on how large this grows, I might even consider a weekend vacation in London. Always wanted to check it out anyway.


Whoop doop! I’ll be along, bringing my Yomi stuff and deluxe Codex too, assuming it’s arrived by then, along with whatever other games I feel like shoving into a bag. I think @thehug0naut was planning to be there the Friday evening before, if folks are up for a more social and less game-y trip to the pub or something.


I’m pretty sure that Bomber doesn’t drink alcohool. Just sea water.


Yes indeed @snoc is correct I shall be there from Friday evening, with the goal of achieving the strictly correct alcohol level, nash willing

Will see what I can bring once I know where we are going and how I’m getting there. Probably at least some yomi decks and either pandante or codex.


That’s pretty much right

@Bomber678 u already got ur codex deluxe?!? God, i am so envious T___T

No, but since I’m leaving in October I’m pretty sure it’ll be here within a month!


I answered in the other thread, but just in case people have switched over already: I’m afraid I can’t make it as I have other commitments on that date :crying_cat_face:

At this rate I will never find out if Australians are real or not


Given @Bomber678’s internet connection, he may very well come from heaven and speak to us from above the clouds.

Or hell, where some CMB has buried him for eternity.


Ooooo, I might be convinced that this is worthy of a London trip! Tickets to London is usually cheaper than tickets to Dourtmond so it could be a good replacement for Essen as well.


I specifically set it the weekend after Essen so there’d be no conflict.
Or am I wrong, is it two weeks after…? Oh well, it’s still fine.

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Cross-posting my desire to attend.

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Oh I don’t know, I just know that I would just choose one or the other anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Corroyeur any chance u will be there?

We need to properly decide on a location. So everybody who is planning on making it, put in a preference for either London or Birmingham. Go!

I’d prefer London because TOURISM.

birmingham because I’m a cheapasaurus.

@legion gonna check the planes, it seems unlikely, but I’d love it.

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Is this a fighting game crowd, or a board game crowd? OR BOTH!? SHALL I BRING MY ARCADE STICK?! (At least, playing of the FSX Fighting game?)

Tickets are cheap for me, so I’ll come if that is fine with you guys?

@Corroyeur you do know about, right? It is probably the best aggregate flight tickets site out there.

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