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Two Australian Bois coming to an America near you!

Reminder bump:
The LA meetup is on Sunday, March 3rd, which is only two weeks away!

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Is @ClanNatioy coming?

I really wish I could but I will not be able to make it. On top of Sundays being no good for me I’ll be moving in March so time will be filled with the joyful activity of packing boxes and throwing out useless items

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I will come. Can you PM me the address and phone number again? I kept it in the old site PM only.


Awesome! I’ll PM you and I’ll also add you as a friend in Discord.

Our first flight (not the America flight) is tomorrow… How exciting!


We’re at the airport… Today Los Angeles, tomorrow the world!
We just need fourteen hours for the flight


We are officially in LA!
We actually have been for a while but I’ve been sorta groggy and worrying about other stuff so I forgot to post.


After a lovely weekend spent with Leontes and LK4O4, and also ratxt1 and alhazard, we have moved on to sf.
I totally forgot to get pictures of the gathering, but I think @LK4O4 did!


I have more than this (I’ll check my camera when I get home), but here’s what I’ve got for now. It was great having you guys!

@Leontes and @Bomber678 livestreaming Fantasy Strike:

Video-on-demand of the livestream:

@ratxt1 playing some Crystal Clans against me:

Everyone around the dinner table eating homemade tacos:

For anyone curious, games that we played include Codenames: Pictures, Skull, Secret Hitler, Codex, Yomi, Crystal Clans, and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.


Another photo of @Leontes and @Bomber678 livestreaming:

@ratxt1 and Mark playing Yomi:

@Bomber678 and @Alhazard playing Codex while @Leontes, @ratxt1, Ellen, and Joanna play Sagrada:


So I guess I’ve so caught up in the fun I forgot to post here!
We stayed in Atlanta for about a week and met Ryker and @wampuh, which was super neat.

Now we’re in Florida, and we’ve hung out with @JonnyD and Hungry Moth.

We’re here for a few more days and so excited for what’s next!


Jonny D vs @Bomber678
Zane < Quince
Persephone > Argagarg
Onimaru > Grave

Rook (Bombers mate) + Geiger Jonny D < Bomber’s Deathstrike Dragon
Jaina Jonny D + Quince Bomber < His friends Deathstrike Dragon


In the second deathstrike dragon game, I tried to assist and got casually hit for 50 damage


After a relaxing stay in Pennsylvania and Maryland walking around some nature, I’m now in the big city: New York!


I met a Bomber, there was no time for Codexes but he did Free Speech me irl and I learned all about the real Australia.

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I am back in Australia.
Here are some pictures:

Longer post to follow after I get home


Alright! I’ve been home for two days and I think I’ve slept enough to put some words together coherently.

So! As is pretty obvious, I spent the entire month of March traipsing around the US with my best friend. I met a whole bunch of really awesome people, ate some delicious food, fell for at least one tourist trap, and saw more of the US than I ever expected I would.

The first thing I have to say is this: Why does everyone speed?? Do your police do anything at all?? Everyone is just constantly going 10mph over the speed limit! Like geez, speed limits exist for a reason!

The second thing is this: I was repeatedly surprised and humbled by the generosity, kindness, and welcoming attitude of everyone I met. I’m not sure if I’m just really good at picking friends or if I just got lucky, but I didn’t meet anyone who I didn’t feel welcomed by.

Lastly: Thank you America. I had a great time. I’ll probably come back, one day. Not too soon though, I need to work off my gut!


Yeah it’s basically power creep, but for speed limits. Every American driver receives an infusion of Sonic’s blood when they get their license.


Wait, people drive exactly the speed limit in Australia?! That’s more messed up than your wildlife, honestly.