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Troq buff

i have thought about how we can buff Troq for competition Codex(River is very good, as we’ve seen). I got that with no additional cost for basic spells for him i would take him into attention: you need a hero on T1/T2 and often don’t have a space for HH, but Troq spells aren’t that bad: intimidate turn 3 would give a free trades for 1 gold and 1 card and it’s very good. But with color spells casting problem, Troq often doesn’t have opportunity to do it.

What do you think? I saw the ideas like “trash Boot and that creature”, but no ideas in this way.

I’ve wondered about making Troq’s level progression cheaper (midband lvl 3-4, maxband lvl 5), so stats and progression in line with Calamandra / Vandy.

Here’s @EricF’s suggestions from the Experimental changes thread that you mentioned:

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I guess your proposal might be implemented by adding an ability to Troq’s 1st level band such as:

Generalist: Does not pay :ps_: penalty when casting minor spells from other colors.”


Obviously fan-made balance changes can be whatever, but it’s worth noting that if you want it to feel “official,” Sirlin has said that it is intentional that both Neutral heroes have no starting ability and one of them is tied for lowest max level in the game (5) while the other is tied for highest max level in the game (8). In both cases, it’s to make things more understandable for new players using the Starter Set to learn the game (don’t need to worry about an ability when you first summon your hero, and there’s a super-clear distinction between the fast-leveling but lower stats hero and the slow-leveling but higher stats hero while still letting them both have the same starting stats).

Since the primary function of the Neutral specs is to teach new players, I personally feel like any change that could confuse new players would be a bad idea. For example, Generalist wouldn’t change the balance of the Starter Set matchup at all, but it would make a new player ask a lot of questions that won’t be relevant for the match they’re about to play. I’ve always thought that tweaks to the mid- and max-band abilities on Troq and the Bashing spells and/or units would be the way to go, but there’s a delicate balance if you want the Starting Set to still be a balanced matchup, especially since Finesse arguably needs nerfed slightly for non-Starter Set play.

it’s an idea for PBF matches, there is problem with no Bashing spec games. (except [Bashing]/Necro/Demon, [Bashing]/Peace/Fire)

There is something to be said for the somewhat small sample size of players. I know I favor certain strategies which bashing doesn’t support.


Troq sucks, but Bashing as a whole isn’t very interesting anyway. It’s a tutorial spec and it shows.

It’s got the least interesting card set in the game by far, just weaker less interesting versions of other cards. Why do you want to see it in more PBF?

Finesse came out more interesting though.

It would be nice to see Bashing working as a generalist spec in general play. I’ve experimented with using it with Necromancy before, so Garth could pull out whatever Bashing II unit I needed at the time: it wasn’t an especially strong combination, but it was an interesting one.

One buff I would be interested in seeing to bashing would be to decrease the cost of the boot to 2 gold. Should increase its power level against non finesse specs while keeping the base set matchup even.