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[Tournament] XCAFS20 - eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss - Sign-up / tracker thread!

Vassal works pretty well for playing online synchronously, I’ve played with my brother a few times that way. I was thinking I’d just scroll forum games though. Maybe that isn’t good video, but I feel like with autocard to pop pictures up it wouldn’t be so bad

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If you do all the work, I would be happy to hop on a call with my headset, laptop, and no camera and contribute to the audio portion of a video.


A friendly bump to remind everyone tourney starts in less than 10 days! @AncientSlumber @Unity @hardy83 @Krypto @codexnewb @Nekoatl @GBudee @Vivanter @Bob199 @Akiata y’all have participated in recent forum games or tournaments, would love to have you join us!


I’m actually still learning the base game, I’m not really interested in playing with new rules, but GL HF all!


I’ll tentatively sign up, though at this point I have no idea if I’ll be able to actually participate or not.



thanks for the ping. ill definitely play.



Friendly reminder that the tourney starts on Monday (less than 5 days!)

I still need decks from @Nekoatl (if playing), @Bomber678 and @bansa, and I would still love to see a few more players trying this crazy stuff out!

@Metalize I know you were interested in balance changes, and @APALM you are welcome to join us!

@Jadiel @Mooseknuckles @Dreamfire @YoungBuck not sure if y’all still around but would be great to have you back!


Would love to, but I’ve never played by forum before. Spreadsheets terrify me and I suspect any opponents would get frustrated by my consistent cock ups. A tournament might be throwing me in the deep end!

If it helps, not all of us use the spreadsheet. I just copy/paste the previous turn and change what’s needed. I’m sure some people track the game with the physical cards, and write it up in forum posts.

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I track it with a program

Indeed I only use the spreadsheet to track card movement between hand/deck/discard/worker/in play, and copy-paste. We all mess stuff up (even me, and I’ve done this pretty solidly for like 4 years) and it’s no biggie :slight_smile:

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[Law]/Peace/Finesse for me :slight_smile:


Okay everyone, today’s the start of the tourney! I’m still waiting on decks from Bomber and Neko, but I think we can get things started anyway (@codexnewb feel free to wait on our turn1 until after bomber locks in his deck).

Friendly reminder here to all P1 players: Please begin each thread with a post summarizing the card changes. It will greatly reduce the amount of misplays and backtracking everyone needs to do and improve play

Here’s the link to the full changelog

GL HF everyone, I’m looking forward to spectating some of these crazy games!

XCAFS20 Round 1

  1. [XCAFS20] Round1: CarpeGuitarrem [Bashing]/Discipline/Fire vs zhavier [Balance/Feral]/Blood
  2. [XCAFS20] Round1: dwarddd MonoPurple vs EricF [Past]/Peace/Truth
  3. [XCAFS20] Round1: FrozenStorm [Bashing]/Discipline/Ninjutsu vs bansa [Law]/Peace/Finesse
  4. [XCAFS20] Round1: codexnewb [Future]/Peace/Truth vs Bomber678 [Bashing]/Discipline/Fire
  5. [XCAFS20] Round1: charnel_mouse [Balance]/Blood/Strength vs James MonoBlue

Nekoatl has the bye

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I’d like to recommend the rule changes are grouped in the same order as in the title of the thread, in the first post of the thread.

so like, if the game is Bashing/Discipline/Ninjas vs Law/Peace/Finesse, you want the rule changes to be listed out as:

  1. Neutral Starter
  2. Bashing
  3. Discipline
  4. Ninjas
  5. Blue Starter
  6. Law
  7. Peace
  8. Finesse


Yea, I think it is easier to find info about your own deck or your opponents if they are organized that way.

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Could it be? Are the Blackhand Scourge finally on sabbatical?

Yea this very well could be a black-free tourney, pending Neko and Bomber’s decks. We nerfed them a little too hard I think, but that’s okay

Hmmm, well thats unexpected. I dont think we nerfed them too hard, i think people were just excited to try something else.

Yeah, I agree. I’m not sure whether Disease’s change is even supposed to be a nerf.