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[Tournament] The Yomi Olympic Carnival (Alt Reporting Thread)

This is an alternate reporting thread for the Yomi Olympic Carnival for when the FS forums eventually go offline.

To celebrate (or whatever) the 2016 Rio Olympics, CloudCuckooCountry and Parrexion are teaming up to bring you an exciting new tournament format for Yomi!

Inspired by competitive Hearthstone (or whatever) Conquest Format has players picking a team of characters to take with them through the whole tournament. So how is this any different from Stable Format, you ask?

The difference is that instead of having a character eliminated when that character loses a match, it instead gets eliminated when it WINS. That means if you win with Zane, you cannot play Zane for the rest of the set!

Since the winner of the round is forced to switch their character, players in this tournament will double-blind pick every match. The player who lost the round may choose to stick with their character or switch to another character that they still have available.

Example set:

Parrexion drafts team (Grave/Gloria/Onimaru)

CloudCuckooCountry drafts team (Argagarg/Geiger/Grave)

Round 1: Parrexion (Onimaru) defeats CloudCuckooCountry (Geiger)

Parrexion can no longer play Onimaru and must switch his character to either Grave or Gloria. CloudCuckooCountry can pick any of his team for the next match.

Round 2: Parrexion (Grave) defeats CloudCuckooCountry (Grave)

Parrexion must switch to Gloria in the next match and will play her for the rest of the set, while CloudCuckooCountry can still switch to any of his characters until he wins a game.

Round 3: CloudCuckooCountry (Geiger) defeats Parrexion (Gloria)

Round 4: CloudCuckooCountry (Grave) defeats Parrexion (Gloria)

Round 5: Parrexion (Gloria) defeats CloudCuckooCountry (Argagarg) and wins the set!

The details:

* Conquest Format (Players submit a team when they sign up or any time before the start date of the tournament. When a player wins with a character, they may not play the character again for the current set and must switch.)
* Double-blind each round.
* Double elimination.
* Sets are first to 3.
* Random seeds.
* One round per week.
* Players may publicly announce their teams in the signup thread or send their team privately to either myself or Parrexion and we will keep them on a secret document. Players who do not submit a team before the tournament start date will be smacked. And if they still do not submit a team, they automatically forfeit the tournament.
* In the spirit of the Olympics, players are advised to represent their country of origin, however you can claim to be from fairyland or whatever and I won’t question it.
* Also in the spirit of the Olympics, players are advised to use taxpayer money to hire cheap exploitative contractors to build obscenely expensive stadiums to accommodate for this event, after which they will barely be used for anything if at all.
* Any player who drafts Zane/Troq/DeGrey will be SHAMED. (They are still allowed to enter the tournament though.)

Good luck and have fun.



1. **Parrexion** (Grave/Gloria/Onimaru) representing SWEDEN
2. **CloudCuckooCountry** (Argagarg/Geiger/Grave) representing AUSTRALIA 
3. **Ryker** (Jaina/Setsuki/Grave) representing 'MURICA
4. **Dillon** (Gloria/Geiger/Argagarg) representing NEW ZEALAND
5. **SharpObject** (Gloria/Geiger/Zane) representing FLATOPIA
6. **Bob199** (Argagarg/Quince/Zane) representing TAIWAN
7. **CKR** (Zane/Setsuki/Onimaru)Legion (Grave/Valerie/Geiger) representing ITALY
8. **Legion** (Grave/Valerie/Geiger) representing ITALY
9. **MOM DESTROYER** (Troq/Rook/Zane) representing 'MURICA
10. **Caralad** (Grave/Troq/Valerie) representing GREAT BRITAIN"
11. **Jonny D" Jonny "Jonny D" D** (Valerie/Menelker/Jaina) representing "JONNY D" JONNY "JONNY D" D TOPIA
12. **Southpaw Hare** (Zane/Vendetta/Bal-Bas-Beta) representing THE MOON
13. **copper8642** (Menelker/Vendetta/Bal-Bas-Beta) representing USA
14. **snoc** (Gloria/Setsuki/Valerie) representing UNITED KINGDOM
15. **IamNobody** (Rook/Troq/Vendetta) representing MOTHER RUSSIA
16. **scymrian** (Onimaru/Zane/Geiger) representing STRONG BADIA
17. **Twenty-Seven** (DeGrey/Menelker/Quince) representing STRONG BADIA
18. **mastrblastr** (Setsuki/DeGrey/Troq) representing NOT ANNOUNCED
19. **thehug0naut** (Rook/Jaina/Vendetta) representing SCOTLAND
20. **Zqxx** (Argagarg/Midori/Vendetta) representing DOOFANIA
21. **Phrawger** (Midori/Argagarg/Rook) representing STRONG BADIA
22. **Shax** (Valerie/Persephone/DeGrey) representing USA
23. **MysticDeadman** (Gwen/Onimaru/Zane) representing NEO ARCADIA
24. **UTRALAW** (DeGrey/Valerie/Rook) representing CANADA
25. **Bomber678** (Rook/Quince/Menelker) representing AUSTRALIA
26. **CarpeGuitarrem** (Onimaru/Gloria/Quince) representing USA
27. **Fusxfaranto** (Gwen/Argagarg/Bal-Bas-Beta) representing SEALAND
28. **Swagmaster** **Turtle** (DeGrey/Lum/Troq) representing CANADA
29. "**MysticJuicer"** (Troq/Geiger/Onimaru) representing CANADA
30. **Mad King** (Geiger/Rook/Menelker) representing LATVERIA
31. **Wovenhead** (Setsuki/Geiger/Persephone)
32. **flagrantangles** (Geiger/Quince/Gwen) representing THE MALAZAN EMPIRE
33. **ntillerman** (Geiger/Lum/DeGrey) representing NEW JERSEY
34. **BD Corro** (Zane/Setsuki/Gwen) representing LATVERIA
35. **saturninhinhin** (Quince/Midori/Valerie) representing FRANCE
36. **ratxt1** (Geiger/Troq/Zane)
37. **variable** (Persephone/Gloria/Quince) representing VALUE
38. **ClanNatioy** (Midori/Grave/Bal-Bas-Beta) representing DENMARK
39. **RoyalLance** (Menelker/Midori/Grave) representing USA
40. **lowtierhero** (Rook/Vendetta/Geiger) representing ZANZIBAR LAND
41. **Kraeytz** (Vendetta/Argagarg/Bal-Bas-Beta) representing SWEDEN
42. **lettucemode** (Onimaru/Setsuki/Grave) representing USA
43. **mallorean_thug** (DeGrey/Grave/Lum) representing USA

I think you forgot the :chibiquince: there

Quince isn’t part of the ROC (Realm Olympic Committee). I don’t doubt that this statement does him proud, though.

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If you’re competing in the Olympic Carnival and recently posted match results to the old Fantasy Strike forums, there’s a good chance that I missed your report. Please re-post any recent match results to this thread so that I can see them.


uhmm, is there any reason why we didn’ get any scheduling convo this week?

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MB 3 - 1 Mad King
troq < mene
sets > rook
DG > rook
troq > rook

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GGs, I definitely made some awful decisions but you played extraordinarily well. The Mene matchup was the only one I was worried about and it’s also the only one I won lol

MB 3 - 1 IaN
DG > Troq
Troq < ven
sets > rook
Troq > rook

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Sorry, I was immobilized by a cold over the weekend. Still working out how to send convos using the new forums. I’m also trying to contact people who don’t use the new forums.


mallorean_thug 2 - 3 ClanNatioy

:grave: < :bbb:
:lum: < :midori:
:degrey: > :grave:
:lum: > :grave: Before this set my Grave was 100% and mall_thug blows that up in style
:grave: < :grave:

Very fun and exciting set. All games felt super close and came down to the wire. You’re a fierce opponent for sure. Good luck in the rest of the tournament.


YOC W5: Legion vs @thehug0naut
I win 3-2

:valerie::pschip::psfist::rook: Here i get handed my ass to me, despite my val eats rooks for breakfast this one rekt me.
:grave::psfist::pschip::jaina: Here i land an early TPOS and jedi mind trick him via KtO. Also both jokers help a lot.
:valerie::psfist::pschip::jaina: Here i rek him back, is the rektoning!
:geiger::pschip::psfist::vendetta: back and forth game,i lose the final combat
:geiger::psfist::pschip::jaina: An awful start, where a throw happy jaina eats me alive. I come back victorious spamming AA like i own a factory of them!

Respect and ggs, very fun games. Best luck for the rest of the tournament.


mysticjuicer 3 - 0 copper

:onimaru: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:geiger: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :bbb:

ggs man - better luck next time!


Caralad vs CloudCuckooCountry

:valerie::psfist::pschip::argagarg: Probably the closest match. Really back and forth, my valerie always seems to draw lots of 10’s right when they’re needed for me
:troq::pschip::psfist::geiger: Manage to avoid getting one touched, still get ripped up by k’s
:grave::psfist::pschip::argagarg: Silent Tpos with 1 ace already in discard pile :grimacing:
:troq::psfist::pschip::argagarg: Just Troq things

Caralad wins 3-1. Well played CCC, I know you don’t like Troq, but you gotta do what you gotta do to win.

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Big apologies for the lateness of everyone’s match convos again. I’ve been extremely tied down recently, so I keep forgetting. But I will get this tournament finished.

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What he means is, he spent yesterday hanging with me playing codex.

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shush you…

fyi: The forums denied my response twice. “shhhhh” was too short and “shhhhhhhhhh” was too “non-descriptive”. imo Sirlin should nuke the forums again and move to a better less user-restrictive system.


YOC Winner Finals:
Legion vs @ClanNatioy
Legion wins 3-2!!! @Corroyeur @MysticDeadman @JonnyD @FenixOfTheAshes bow before ur Overlord!

:grave::psfist::pschip::grave: As predicted in the promo the mirror happened! Throws were my secret weapon.
:valerie::pschip::psfist::grave: teh match ges back and forth, down to th wire, TPOS all in hits jackpot.
:valerie::psfist::pschip::bbb: Val gets a great hand, exploits it finishing the match in like 5 rounds
:geiger::pschip::psfist::bbb: had a great head start, but the robot never backs down. Comback victory really wp.
:geiger::psfist::pschip::midori: Final Showdown (Codex quote) Midori plays well, but so does geiger. An infinite burst of spirals and a dQ hitting a joker, brings things down to a TD.

Total respect and GGs&wp! Was a really fun set, where u made me sweat bullets.
Best luck in the rest of the tourney, hope to see you in the grand finals.
My final win gave me a pack holdind a 2nd Val char card! 2500 dust!


Fun set for sure.

After the set I realized that something happened that I’ve never seen happen in the Midori vs Geiger mu. Geiger never got thrown and Midori never got Time Stopped, lol.

I’m coming for you. Enjoy your two month wait at the top


Cue the song "Eye of the tiger " from the Rocky movies

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