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[Tournament] PSYDUCK 2016

Hi all !
The Puzzle Strike Yearly Division of Über Casual Kontest is taking signups ! :psyduck:


  • Best of Five (first to three victories wins a match)
  1. Double Elimination (two match losses and you’re out)

  2. Character lock, no counterpick (when you loose you can only switch a chip pile from the bank or make another new completely randomly)

  3. Random starting bank (rules changed from my first post.)

  4. Slow Timer (If both player agree, they can choose to play with another timer.)

  5. Random player going first (Determined by the software.)

  6. No collusion, alt account, etc.

If you intend to participate to the tournament, please send me a private message before Friday 23th of December with your character for the tournament ! :smile_cat:

Participants :

  1. Castanietzsche :chibiargagarg:
  2. ULTRALAW :chibidegrey:
  3. Jude :chibidegrey:
  4. Zejety :chibirook:
  5. pressstart :gwen:
  6. Bomber678 :chibitroq:

Scheduling rules

  • I’ll send out scheduling conversations to both players. Signups will end after Friday, December 23th.

  • Bracket will go up on Monday, December 26th.

    • Predictions can be made then.
    • The first scheduling conversations will be sent out Monday, December 26th.
  • Matches should be scheduled and run within a week after
    the conversation is sent.

    • In the event that players can’t arrange a suitable deadline, contact
      me to arrange for an extension.
    • If players merely FAIL to meet a
      deadline, I’ll take it upon myself to decide what happens.
    • If you know who your next opponent is and want to play ahead, feel
      free to make a scheduling conversation, but please make sure to add me
      to it so I can keep track of things.

Reporting wins rules

  • If you won a match, please report your games in this thread !

  • Reporting the bank is appreciated, although not compulsory

  • Comments from both players are appreciated !


  • If the Best-Of Five format is too long for you, provided both player agree, we can switch to Best-Of Three for a match

Hope you will be many to participate ! Thanks for reading :smile_cat:


I only have 10 days to practice. Looking forward to it.

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Wait you only get to choose one character for the whole tournament? It’s character lock?

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Yeah :slight_smile:
IMO it’s more casual-friendly like that :slight_smile:

Hold on, shouldn’t all of these say December? It’s not Psyduck 2017… :psyduck:

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Arf thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I just copied a thread from Phrawger and did it too quickly :sweat_smile:


Glad you’ve fixed it quickly! I’m not sure if I can join yet, since I’ll be traveling around that time, but if I can I’ll let you know.

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I kind of disagree, but alright.

I’ll be out of town around New Years but only for a couple of days.

Yeah don’t worry if a match takes a bit more than a week to be done :smile_cat:

I’m really glad so many players are wanting to play in a Puzzle Strike tournament :smiley_cat:

For reference, the proposed bank is:
*Risky Move
*Money for Nothing
*Draw Three
*Gem Essence
*Sneak Attack
*Self Improvement
*One of Each
*Punch Punch Kick


I think that bank is probably very setsuki favoured.

Also I probably wouldn’t have revealed the bank until after the tournament had started and character choices were locked in, because it’s character lock.

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Should we report / post here the result of matches or should we pm you such information.

Yes please report them on this thread :smile_cat:

I’m currently discussing with Bomber678 about Setsuki there :slight_smile:

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This is mostly a joke suggestion but we should make the top 4 play a 4 way match :laughing:


I don’t have much insight into PS strategy but people on Discard very quickly agreed that it’s also very Onimaru-favored.

Feel free to argument you point of view. I’m open to changes !
Argument from authority don’t impress me though :smirk_cat:

To be honest I didn’t expect that much reticence for rules on a fun casual tourney :smile_cat:
But I’m glad you feel concerned ! Yeah it’s really great that this thread brings some interesting reflexions on this game :smile_cat:

Forums are about discussing anyway !

You will quickly discover, I think, that no tournament is casual friendly when it comes to discussing the rules in detail. Tournaments excite the more experienced player base, and they will have things to raise if they feel it favours characters or will not be as even playing field as it could be.


I don’t think anyone can beat onimaru in this bank except maybe setsuki. And you have to be a rather strong setsuki player to win! Risky move and Knockdown are very strong Onimaru chips. Onimaru can plan to cast risky move 1-2 times without actually buying the chip. Ideally by WTTing knockdown or Gem Essence. Knock down combos extremely well with double slash to give Onimaru a strong rushdown game. Onimaru can buy Ouch which will make it even harder to defend against knockdown=>DS pressure. Ouch WTTs into multiple good things such as GE and knock down (sneak attack also can be good as you can combo it into Ouch for two gems). Its not an optimal oni bank though as it onl has 1 strong 4mana chippe.

Its not obvious to me even setsuki can defend against this. she has a strong lategame but its incredibly good and she needs to get her endgame up and running very fast. Her onl good ramp chips are Risky Move and Draw3. Draw3 is ok if you have a big payoff chip like ICT but there is no such chip. So she probably just has to double take Risky move and walk into the Aggro Onimaru line. Trying to buy OOE and PPK is going to be too slow. However the bank has GE and Draw3. So maybe she can thin deck rapidly into a build that can combine multiple times a turn (maybe just one before it gets going). Eventually setsuki’s goal is to crasha 4 gem every turn. A problem is onimaru can use ouch to apply pressure and add wounds. But onimaru doesn’t have much time before your strategy is running (DT risky mov is very fast ramp).

So I think an extremely well played setsuki can race onimaru in this bank. However Setsuki’s ramp in this bank is extraoridnarily good vs non-aggro. So she should be able to outrun anyone without a powerful aggro line (so not Oni/Midori/Jaina).


oh boy is this gonna be Puzzle Strike 20XX now lol

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