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[Tournament] NFTT round 3! Saturday 29th of April! 30$ prize pool!

Bracket is live:

Welcome to Neiguttens Fast Timer Tournament Series Round 3

  • The Asian Connection!

Tournament starting time will be Saturday, the 29th of April at 15:00 PDT / 18:00 EDT / 24:00 CEST / 08:00 Melbourne Australia and will last until it is finished. You should not participate if you don’t think you will be able to finish competing.

[details=Time Estimates]Due to the fact that the tournament doesn’t require signups, I can’t predict how long the tournament will last, but each round can last for up to 30 minutes maximum but should most likely only take somewhere around 15-20 minutes. This means that an 8 players will be done somewhere in the ballpark of 2,5 hours or 3 hours, if we assume bathroom breaks and such. A 16 person bracket will take around 3.5 to 4 hours.[/details] Format: Double-Elimination
Timer: Fast
Set Length: Best of 3 / First to 2
Double KOs: Counts as a WIN for both players, which means that both need to stick with their character.
1st. A paypal giftcard worth 20$
2nd. A paypal giftcard worth 10$

Sign up: I will start accepting signups 30 minutes before the tournament starts, show up in the game lobby, holla at me to make sure I enter you into the bracket. Signup will be closed 5 minutes before the tournament starts. Please try to be in the lobby 30 minutes before, so that I don’t get a rush of people wanting to be added right before signups closes.

Rules: Please read through the rules. Also, community feedback is essential for making the rules fair. So if there are rules I havent thought of, or rules that are overreaching for what it should be, let me know.

NFTT: Each tournament will be seeded based on participants previous performance, using Capcom Protour points system for Tier two tournaments. In november, the top 8 players who has the most points total will be invited to a tournament, where they will be playing for 100$. More information about that here.

Finally one at a time I can play at, in!

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This tournament… Three days ago? Thanks, but I think I missed it.

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In all seriousness, 8am is not the time I would choose for a tournament.
But I work most Sundays anyway so don’t worry about me.

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I fixed the worldtimebuddy link to include the correct date, thanks Bomber! :smiley:

Also, what dates would work for you? Maybe next time? :wink: we need a Troq player outside of mystictraitor

I was more referring to your post where it states the 29th of March.

Also I don’t play Troq anymore… I quit him a while ago.

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Even better! :smiley:

But … if you don’t play Troq, how does the carousel spin!?

I beat Zanes with my sick Onimaru tech.

But also no-one really plays Zane against me because I brutalised so many as Troq back in the day.


Totally down for another fast timer tourney


This time slot even works for Detroit Rock City. Hopefully see you there!


I will enter.


I should be available to play. Thanks for hosting this.


EDIT : I finally won’t participate sorry :x


It appears that the competition is getting more fierce. I have cleared the time on Saturday to get my $30 (Babe (CKR) Ruth calls his shot). If we can finish this quick enough, I should make more than minimum wage and have fun at the same time.:wink:


You realise that entering twice so you can win both 1st and 2nd prize is illegal, right? :wink:


Savage! I am also planning on joining this time btw, so I’ll see you in the finals :wink:


Today is the day, hope to see you peeps later! :smiley:


Bracket is Live

CKR over Shax 2-1


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Oh man, what a doozie!

Congrats to @Fluffiness for the first place, and @Zejety for the second place!

Thanks to everyone who was there for participating, either in the tournament or the chat creating hype!

Now, the points for the 8 player invitational are looking like this: (Edited since the first one i posted was wrong!)

Remember that the ones who end up in the top 8 here get to play for 200$!! HYPE 150$ donated by me, 40 by Shax and the last 10 donated by CKR! CRAY CRAY!