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[Tournament] NFTT round 2! Sunday 26th of March - 30$ prize!

The bracket!:

Welcome to Neiguttens Fast Timer Tournament Series Round 2

Tournament starting time will be 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST / 21:00 CET / 06:00 Melbourne Australia and will last until it is finished. You should not participate if you don’t think you will be able to finish competing.

Time Estimates

Due to the fact that the tournament doesn’t require signups, I can’t predict how long the tournament will last, but each round can last for up to 30 minutes maximum but should most likely only take somewhere around 15-20 minutes. This means that an 8 players will be done somewhere in the ballpark of 2,5 hours or 3 hours, if we assume bathroom breaks and such. A 16 person bracket will take around 3.5 to 4 hours.

Format: Double-Elimination
Timer: Fast
Set Length: Best of 3 / First to 2
Double KOs: Counts as a WIN for both players, which means that both need to stick with their character.
1st. A paypal giftcard worth 20$
2nd. A paypal giftcard worth 10$

Sign up: I will start accepting signups 30 minutes before the tournament starts, show up in the game lobby, holla at me to make sure I enter you into the bracket. Signup will be closed 5 minutes before the tournament starts. Please try to be in the lobby 30 minutes before, so that I don’t get a rush of people wanting to be added right before signups closes.

Rules: Please read through the rules. Also, community feedback is essential for making the rules fair. So if there are rules I havent thought of, or rules that are overreaching for what it should be, let me know.

NFTT: Each tournament will be seeded based on participants previous performance, using Capcom Protour points system for Tier two tournaments. In november, the top 8 players who has the most points total will be invited to a tournament, where they will be playing for 100$. More information about that here.


I was made aware of a huge typo, it will not be probably less than two hours. But around 3.

Another thing, would Saturday be a better day for people? Same time

4am start time QQ

Wah wah, I thought east coast australia would help a bit, but I obviously didn’t check the time zone charts well enough. I’ll make the next one more Asia friendly :smiley:

Updated the first post! :smiley:

I got a pleasant message in my inbox today.

@Shax has told me that he is willing to donate 15$ to each of the fast timer tournaments throughout the year.

So, he suggested that we skim the 5$ off the top, and put it into the invitational. That should make the final pot for the invitational a whopping 140$.

The other 10$ will go to the second place finisher, so now you have a chance to get part of the action even if you don’t believe you will end up winning the first prize, there is now some love given to the second place finisher as well! :smiley: :smiley:

So, let me see some buttons for Shax! :smiley:


@Shax confirmed most generous person. :wink:


I feel that was already common knowledge, considering his most known character choice :wink:


I haven’t played Yomi in bit, so I might dive back in it with this tournament. :slight_smile:


Return of the LANCE! Sounds good! :smiley:


Only a few days left until #praisecash


I will PROBABLY manage to be there but i will only be able to confirm 1h earlier

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I wonder if Valerie will win this tournament. :thinking:

if you play well enough :wink:

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Tournament up and running in 15 minutes!

The bracket! :smiley:

mysticjuicer 2 - 0 RoyalLance

Troq >> Valerie
Troq >> Valerie

mysticjuicer 2 - 1 MR

Troq >> Grave
Troq << Grave
Quince >> Grave

mysticjuicer 1 - 2 FourLiberties

Troq << Geiger
Zane >> Geiger
Zane << Grave

mysticjuicer 1 - 2 Shax

Grave << Valerie
Troq >> Valerie
Troq << Valerie

ggs all!


Congratulations to @FourLiberties for the win! :smiley: 128 points towards the invitational is pretty neat! Send me your paypal details and I’ll send you the prize.

Congratulations to @Shax as well for the second place, spend your 10$ second place prize wisely :wink:

Mystic Juicer on third and SouthPawHare on fourth.

The standing for the invitational is currently like this:

Full results:


Dear god was that fun! Nail biter at the end but @FourLiberties made a really nice call. I get to pay myself 10 bucks now hehehehehehehehehe!

I’ll see you fuckers next time. Prepare your yourselves!


men, it was really tough!
But also very enjoyable, even if I was heavily defeated :head_bandage: :laughing:
thanks everyone, see you around!