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[Tournament] Midori's Mentournament Returns [Sat 2nd Dec 9:00PM UTC]

Midori’s Mentournament is a special tournament format designed to take newer inexperienced players and pair them up with mentors to give them a kickstart playing Yomi.


The tournament takes place in three parts

  • A 3 week training period from the 11th Nov - 2nd Dec
  • A single day Round-Robin bracket on Saturday 2nd Dec 9:00 PM UTC

The 3 week training period is intentionally pretty long to try and make sure people are able to schedule in at least a couple of sessions during that time even if there schedules are rather hectic. So don’t worry if you’ll be busy or away for some of the training period, that’s fine.

Tournament Rules

General Rules:

  • Standard Counterpick (First game is double-blind, after which winner is character-locked and loser can change)
  • Medium Timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players. If this results in a draw then replay the last MU.
  • Hands-off (Can be turned on if both players agree to it)
  • Mentors should not give advice while a game is being played
  • Players are encouraged to take a 1-2 minute break in-between each game to discuss the game with their mentor
  • Best 2 out of 3 games


  1. ArthurWayne & Neigutten - :jaina: :menelker:
  2. Hobusu & Nijima-san - :onimaru: :gloria:
  3. HarryBModest & MadKing - :setsuki: :vendetta:
  4. shamusj & Attilian - :degrey:
  5. MR75 & SouthpawHare - :bbb:
  6. Ivan & BD Corro - :jaina: :setsuki:
  7. Prestoff & sharpobject - :geiger: :zane:
  8. Mellhurst & Snoc - :valerie:


Sign-ups will last until 24:00 UTC 10th Nov

If you’re signing up as a student then please post the character that you would like to learn and the times you are likely to be available during the training period. Even if you won’t be able to make the tournament itself you can still participate in the training period.

If you’re signing up as a mentor then please post the characters that you are comfortable teaching and the times you are likely to be available during the training period. You are encouraged to be at the tournament itself but it is not required.

  1. ArthurWayne (:jaina::menelker:) (CET)
  2. Hobusu (:onimaru:->:gloria:) (EST)
  3. HarryBModest (:setsuki::gwen::vendetta:) (CST Mon-Tue,Thurs-Sun Afternoons/weekends)
  4. shamusj (:degrey:) (UTC)
  5. MR75 (:menelker::midori::quince::bbb:) (CET Weekdays 22:00-23:30)
  6. Ivan (:jaina::setsuki:) (UTC Weekdays 16:00 - 21:00, Weekends)
  7. Prestoff (:menelker::geiger::quince::zane::bbb:) (PST)
  8. Mellhurst (:geiger::valerie:) (HKT)
  1. BD Corro (:setsuki::geiger::zane:->:bbb::jaina::lum::midori::quince:)(UTC 19:00-23:00 Weds-Sun)
  2. Neigutten (CET)
  3. Nijima-san (:argagarg::bbb::zane::vendetta::valerie::troq::rook::persephone::midori::onimaru::menelker::lum::jaina::gwen::grave::gloria::geiger::degrey:) (EST Evenings/weekends)
  4. SouthpawHare (:bbb::gloria:) (EST)
  5. sharpobject (:gloria::geiger:->:setsuki::zane::degrey:) (PST)
  6. snoc (:setsuki::valerie::lum::gloria:) (UTC)
  7. Attilian (:zane::troq::lum::grave::degrey:->:midori::geiger:) (UTC)
  8. MadKing (:quince::geiger::argagarg::menelker::rook:->:bbb::zane::vendetta::valerie::troq::setsuki::persephone::midori::onimaru::lum::jaina::grave::degrey:) (PDT)
  9. Caralad (:rook::troq:) (UTC)

I’ll ping everyone who expressed interest in the previous forum, I look forward to seeing who signs-up and I hope this will be a fun learning experience for all involved


Pinging Students (Part 1)
@bpdonnelly @NobodysHero @wowarlok @HarryBModest @lum_at_1st_sight @Ivan @Prestoff @vengefulpickle @MR75 @ArthurWynne

Pinging Students (Part 2)

Pinging Mentors (Part 1)
@neigutten @CarpeGuitarrem @MadKing @Attilian @Fusxfaranto @snoc @variable @flagrantangles @Fivec


Pinging Mentors (Part 2)
@SouthpawHare @Niijima-san

Unfortunately, my life has become rather hectic. We went from a family of 3 to a family of 5 in the space of the last month and a half, one of whom is an infant… best of luck for those of you that can make it, though.


Checking in as a student. The characters I’d most like to learn are Jaina and Menelker.


Student here, looking to learn :onimaru: Onimaru to round out my existing knowledge of :setsuki: Setsuki and :degrey: DeGrey.


Holding off on official signups for now, because I’m starting a new work contact soon and might be on a unique schedule.

Would feel most comfortable teaching :onimaru:, followed by :quince:. Could teach :argagarg: if need be.


If you want me, I can try to give you some training with those characters ^^ since we are in the same time zone an speak the same language and all ^


I’ll mentor. I could probably mentor any character, but I’m not interested in bringing any more Quinces or Setsukis into the world, so anybody but them. I’m available evenings US east coast time and weekends.


Hi, wud I miss?

I am still willing and able to be a Mentor. I know a lot of characters, though I may be able to do justice to a couple of the more complex ones - :bbb: and :gloria: - if there is demand for that. Otherwise, pick anyone.


I’m tentatively checking in as a student. I saw tentatively since I live in Taiwan (GMT +8) and timing may not work. I’m generally free weekday afternoons and evenings (except Wednesday), but that is probably early morning for most people. My weekends can be flexible, though.

I’d like to learn Setsuki, Gwen, or Vendetta.


That would be great!


Thanks for hosting, I would like to learn Degrey


I’m in, if some mentor could match my little time avalilable (sorry for that)
I’ve got a wider range of chars that I like to learn
:menelker: - :midori: - :quince: - :bbb:

I’m in Central Europe Timezone, and my available times normally are 22:00-23:30 weekdays (unlucly not always), tuesday and thursday one hour also at 20:00.


Student here. Preferred characters - :jaina: :setsuki:
Time - almost anytime at Weekends and for the week days my best time is 16:00 - 21:00 UTC


I would like to teach, but my student would obviously win, and the final tournament falls on the exact day that PlayStation Experience begins, so I can’t be there.

Good luck to all the new blood out there!


I can tell people about Gloria and maybe Geiger. It looks like nobody wants to learn that stuff though?

I can give uninformed opinions about “easy” characters like Setsuki, Zane, or DeGrey too.


Coming in as a student, characters I would like to learn are :menelker: :geiger: or :quince:

As for times, I’m PST so I should be pretty open.


If someone is really desperate for my totally non-expert but rather experienced thoughts, then that’d be cool. My mains nowadays are :setsuki: :valerie: :lum: :gloria:, and my timezone is UK.