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[Tournament] IYL6 Dreadlands - Match Reports and Results

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Rank Name MW-L Tiebreak Wins GW-L Win % SWs
1 Caralad 10-2 29-14 67.4 9
2 MR75 9-3 31-19 62.0 9
3 SouthpawHare 8-4 snoc 25-24 51.0 7
4 snoc 8-4 21-16 56.8 5
5 variable 7-5 Attilian 17-16 51.5 4
6 Attilian 7-5 23-21 52.3 6
7 ArthurWynne 6-6 21-21 50.0 5
8 GutterOwl 5-7 Ivan 19-24 44.2 4
9 Ivan 5-7 19-23 45.2 4
10 MysticDeadman 4-8 12-23 34.3 3
Jamie-chan 3-4 11-15 42.3
Legion 3-2 13-11 54.2
zytearK 1-8 11-25 30.6

Scheduled Matches:

Match Rules
  • Mid timer
  • Spectators can see hands is recommended off, can be on if both players agree
  • Rules enforced
  • Double Blind character selection for the first game
  • Standard Counterpick rules (Loser of last game may pick a different character, winner is locked to the same character)
  • No random character select (you may randomly pick your character, but you cannot declare “Random” as your character, and proceed to randomly switch your character after games you win)
  • Players are allowed one five minute break and three pause of thirty seconds or less, unless both players agree to allow it. Violations will result in a forfeit, if the other player chooses to take it.
  • A double K.O. results in a replay, with no win or loss to either player
  • In the event of a server crash, that individual match or round will not count and must be replayed
  • Regular season matches are best-of-5

Any announcements and/or rules changes will be posted here.

RULES CHANGE: We’ve had some dropouts in this league, so in order to keep the playoff seeding fair, we’re changing the mechanics slightly. As before, seeds 1-3 will be the top player from each league, 4-6 will be the second players, and so on. Within that group, however, players will be ordered by their match win percentage in played matches, to normalize for the fact that different players may have played different actual number of non-forfeit matches.

Scheduled Matches:
5/1, 7:00am EDT - Attilian vs. Ivan
5/3, 2:00pm EDT - MysticDeadman vs. variable



Let the games begin!

Caralad vs @ArthurWynne

:argagarg: :pschip: :psfist: :troq:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :troq:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :troq:
:troq: :pschip: :psfist: :grave:
:troq: :psfist: :pschip: :grave:

Caralad wins 3-2.

GG’s Arthur.


gutterowl vs @zytearK 1-3


rocky close matches that came down to bad reads at low health. games 2 and 3 i let myself get bullied down to low hand, which is not a position perse can survive at. needed to be waaay more conservative with 10s. ggs!


GGs! The games were crazy tense for me. I swore to myself that I’d just play Arg and BBB this tournament (because Ven is just… not a great character), but that lasted all of one round before I got fed up being bullied by you, haha.


International Yomi League, Season 6
Dreadlands Division, Week 1.

Mystic Deadman vs. @Ivan


Final Score:
MD 3-0 Ivan

Of note: Game 1: I win a combat, flip both Jokers for Shenanigans. I hate my life.

GGs d00d, and good luck to you for the rest of the season.


Start the way you mean to go on :joy:


Dreadlands R1, variable vs. @SouthpawHare:

variable wins, 3-2!

:quince::pschip::psfist::chibigloria:: I am unwilling to attack into Southpaw’s known dominant attacks and I get hecka punished for it. I applaud Southpaw for not going to attacks until my range changed & I wasn’t on mono-blodge forever (And, uh, I don’t think it changed enough!) :scream_cat: Another awk part of this game was when I didn’t play very fast & wasted a Two Truths attacking on a Patriot Mirror turn. :sweat:

:quince::pschip::psfist::chibigloria:: I got bodied again! I keep going for safe stuff that doesn’t make enough sense - like Gold Burst on wakeup or in neutral. I’m generally unable to win combat very consistently & my few decent turns of Quonce-ing are the result of blocked Patriot Mirrors that earn me some 7 throws. As well as some decent calls on J-Spin turns! However, one time I don’t expect the wakeup dodge and am mildly bamboozled… …By missing out on value. :scream_cat: I think that Southpaw had slightly weird Gloria hands in both games, which could have been punished a lot better! Can these weirdplays be changed or cleaned up, in any way?? :o

:codexgrave::psfist::pschip::gloria:: I don’t know how I won this game! Oh, I remember! Southpaw was almost coming back, but I was finally able to land the final few damages required to KO my opponent in this Yomise! Will this stubborn play continue to be rewarded…?

:codexgrave::clock12::pschip::rook:: I would say, yes - it did continue to be rewarded! (At least in this timeline!) However, I needed to somehow navigate being dead to Rock Armor for a bunch of turns after spending my Jokers for little benefit. (Some would say none, but Gold Bursting against Rook can’t result in ye Yomisier taking any damages - at least!) So, that was kiiiiiiiiiiiiind of scary! As well as multiple turns of being dead to Checkmate Buster & raw Wall of Vines (Say that a bunch of times if ye like!)! Somehow I decide to poke with a 6 into nothing on the Checkmate Buster turn! (I made sure that my hand wasn’t functional by this point, but if it was Southpaw had a Joker anyway…)

How can Grave possibly win from here?!

Huh, timeout is a possibility? Against the character with the most health in the game?! :joy_cat:

“Let’s go, :grave: ! I am a fan of solidity, but not the overly rocky kind! Win somehow!”

“Rook is ahead right now anyway… And this Rook has Wall of Vines - and more! Good luck, lightning punk!”

“Well, ye see, it’s possible that :grave: can win by timeout, but not if…!”

“…But, what about…”

“Southpaw has a Joker… It’s known info… Would :grave: refuse to combo, on purpose to prevent…?”

“But couldn’t Rook just… Throw?”

“He has a lot of those, but that might not be the right tool for this particular Yomise!”

“I am Jefferson DeGrey, noted lawyer & staunch defender of people’s right to say certain things that make them sound very foolish - in part because that is part of the freedoms that are extended to every person - no matter their race, creed, gender identity, nationality, income level, along with many other protections! (Though these protections should be rescinded for the most dangerous among us!) The people need to be protected and their rights need to be treasured by all of those who lead! However, a side benefit of such freedoms is that, occasionally, people utter ridiculous things that basically can’t happen, and that always does my little :heart: some good!”

“And I am an unnamed fan of :grave: ! It’d be cool if :grave: won! Let’s go, :grave: !”
(btw, I’m definitely not the person who, potentially, won with the gravy train conductor himself - :grave: !)

[Less than zero people cheer for Grave.]

“Let’s go, Rockman! End this fool! Ye’ve done it before!”

[Everyone else + 1 cheered for Rook, that day!]

<<…Note: 1 Minute remains until midnight… Watch ye Yomises…>>

DeGrey & GraveFan133754UC37P05 at the same time: “wat. Well, let’s see how this Yomise is decided!”

“He didn’t dodge… What in the poop?!? That’s… that’s… Un-Fantasy Strike-ian!”

“That’s :grave: ! Though he is QUITE Strike-ian if ye know what I’m saying! :nudgex2: It’s always nice to play a character who can win without necessarily making sense to anyone watching - outside of the Gravy Without Cause Fan Union Forever (Known internationally as GWCFUF.)!”

“I mean, it worked, but how did it work… Why did it work… Did Grave know… …the future!? I perhaps need to consult our temporal researcher Geiger about this!”

“i didn’t hear what ye said, but I don’t really care because that’s :grave: ! He has the heart of a dragon, and his card says DRAGONHEART, & he played it & he won, & he’s the best, & he’s MY main, & I ONLY lose because I’m a scrub and I DON’T train, & other people do cheap stuff, by which I mean stuff I can’t understand because I haven’t played this game enough so - hAh - so now ye are an elitist scorning me if ye begin to scorn me for having placed things besides this game within MY brainspace while I continue to insist that I have potential as an up-and-coming, yet-to-be-signed player - but the really important part of all of this is that :grave:'s not here because he left :sadfacethat’squitesad: he’s not here to sign an autograph for me right now because he’s being controlled by the CPU, or - ostensibly, the arcade operator (and who knows who controls them) - & he is currently flying to Thailand as part of something resembling an attract mode in an arcade fighting game in an attempt to defeat one of the meanest, most crushly Yomisiers around: Michael B. Bison - the one who began Yomioo untold & told years ago and who, most certainly, knows nothing of boxing or claws besides the abilities which the compatriots who are forced to work with him display - such abilities as…! & wow, look at what time it is - i think that my mom’s outside waiting to pick me up - bye!”

:codexgrave::psfist::pschip::zane:: Mental Toughness can be a heck of a card against characters without odd blocks! It could have turned out differently, though! I almost got hit by raw Anarchy, but I somehow decided to block. Nice call! :o Then my Q-revealing Knowing the Opponent turn was respected & I got to set up a solid Yomise from there. Re-checking the tapes, I’m surprised that I didn’t throw on this one turn, but I was playing scared of something that didn’t exist… (Anarchy!) It was soon made real, but it wasn’t real on that turn! That could have allowed me to dodge into lethal myself if Southpaw lacked for blocks or throws, but it worked out nonetheless! I escaped this Yomise, somehow!

Times TPoS was made real in this one game alone: 3! :joystick::joy_cat::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Thanks for the games, Southpaw, & great luck in the rest of IYL6! I hope that ye too can get a laugh out of what I did with the Rook one! If not I will re-think it! :smiley_cat:


MR vs @jamie-chan 3-0


Mirror!! This one started as real mirror! blocks, Js, blocks, Js… quite balanced! Then I dodged his TPoS into my TPoS.


Here Jamie showed up a grappler-Grave! I was thrown again and again and again down to magic pixel vs 80hp: then comeback (two TPoS landed).


Another throw-happy-Grave time! This time I poked a little bit more and managed to win

Respect and ggs!

Best of luck in your next rounds!


Hi Dreadlands, Week 2 matches have been sent out. Please note that the due date for these matches is actually March 25th, 11:00pm EDT (3/26, 3am UTC), not March 18th.

Week 1 matches are due March 19th at 12:00am EDT, 4am UTC (by the end of Sunday, US time).


Attilian :ps3gem: - :ps1gem: @snoc

:zane: :pschip: :pscrash: :lum:
:lum: :pscrash: :pschip: :lum: this counterpick causes some commotion in the gallery
:lum: :pscrash: :pschip: :lum: game goes to the wire, I feel compelled to play two Jackpots when I have 1hp and there are no Jokers in his discard
:lum: :pscrash: :pschip: :setsuki: again both of us could win on the final combat

These games were all very close. The Lum mirrors were everything a degenerate gambler would hope for.

Good games snoc. Good luck in the rest of the season.


I had 4 As and two jokers in hand, he hit both???


Attilian :ps3gem: - :psgem: @zytearK

:chibidegrey: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibiargagarg:
:chibidegrey: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibiargagarg:
:chibidegrey: :pscrash: :pschip: :chibibbb:

I drew a surfeit of Jokers this match and it really made things go smoothly for me.

Ggs zytearK and good luck in the rest of the tourney.


International Yomi League
Dreadlands Division, Week 2

Mystic Deadman vs. @MR75


Final Score:
MD 3-1 MR75

Of note: MR went 1-for-2 on TPoS activations, and his patience leads to me going 1-for-3 on Clockwork Soldier assists.

GGs d00d, and good luck the rest of the season.

…how in the fuck am I near the top of the division?!


Ivan vs zytearK - 3 : 0
GGs mate


Southpaw Hare vs Legion

:gloria: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:
:gloria: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:
:gloria: :pschip::psfist: :setsuki:
:midori: :pschip::psfist: :setsuki:
:gloria: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:

Southpaw Hare 3 - 2 Legion
Southpaw Hare wins!


Ggs wp man! i really admired your well placed pokes that disrupted my throw game.
That and your always available T3 joker that foiled my big bad comboes!
Once again, i did not see one of those funny hats once in 5 games :joy:
Thank you again!